Why Instagram Is Begging Bobby Flay To Put His Shoes On

Per his website, Bobby Flay entered the professional chef game in 1991 by opening Mesa Grill NYC and in the 31 years he's been an official member of the culinary world he's starred in foodie-loved shows like Grillin & Chillin and published cookbooks, some of which have gone on to win awards. So when Flay offers advice on a mashed potato recipe or any other mouthwatering dish, many food-lovers can't help but take notes.

And while adamant fans of Flay can track down all of his interviews and flip through the pages of his cookbooks to learn about the chef's favorite recipes, following the food icon on Instagram is another way to gain insight into Flay's trade cooking secrets. Or, at the very least, Flay's 1.7 million followers certainly seem to think so. But although the chef has posted videos walking users through making everything from a 5-star Lobster Cobb Salad to basic pasta with tomato sauce, one of Flay's newest uploads has his followers in an uproar — and Instagrammers' distress has nothing to do with food. Instead, users are concerned over Flay's bare feet.

Instagram wants Bobby Flay to wear shoes in the kitchen

On August 9, Bobby Flay posted a video to his Instagram where he showed himself cooking up what might be one of the most delicious things you can make with zucchini – zucchini pasta. In the post, Flay roasted zucchini and boiled noodles on a gas stove, and fans couldn't help but notice the chef was working with the hot food and open flames without shoes on.

Many Instagrammers in the comment section were quick to note their distress over Flay being barefoot in the kitchen. One user wrote, "Frying food in bare feet is risky business!!" Another posted, "Bobby, please wear shoes in the kitchen — they're too nice to get injured!"

While many of Flay's fans were shocked by this revelation, this doesn't seem to be the first time Flay has posted himself cooking without shoes on. One Instagram user posted "I'm obsessed with this man always being barefoot." And Flay being barefoot while cooking does in fact seem to be a trend for the chef. In an earlier Instagram post, Flay took audiences through how he whips up Braised Cod in Miso Broth without shoes on.

Still, Flay has also been seen wearing shoes in some of his other videos, like when he ran viewers through how to prepare Grapefruit Cranberry Red Wine Relish in honor of Thanksgiving. So maybe there is some methodical intention behind the chef's barefooted madness.