The McDonald's Back-To-School Deal You Won't Want To Miss

McDonald's has always been known as an affordable fast food restaurant, especially if you order from the beloved value menu. Although the value menu has proved to be successful over the years, the chain announced in July 2022, that the menu will no longer be consistent across the country, it would vary based on location (Eat This, Not That). The fast food behemoth is moving toward a more personalized guest experience across the board, which is where the MyMcDonald's Rewards program comes in.

In July 2021, McDonald's customers had to say sayonara to My McCafe Rewards to make room for this new, more comprehensive rewards program (via Insider). Customers could immediately see the value in the program when they were rewarded with a free vanilla soft serve, cheeseburger, McChicken, or hash browns after their first order. Not only does the customer save money with this program, but McDonald's gets valuable information about the guest to further personalize their experience.

According to restaurant consultant Aaron Allen, via CNBC, rewards programs like this lead to "more frequent visits and higher average checks," so the more deals the restaurant offers, the better results they will see. Limited time offers are especially valuable to rewards programs, and McDonald's is taking advantage of that with these back-to-school deals (via Food and Drink Resources).

4 days of deals to combat the back to school blues

There is no better time in college than syllabus week, and McDonald's is having its very own syllabus week starting August 15, 2022, (via Fansided). It sadly does not involve any parties, but it does involve great discounts. On the first day of the four days of deals (read this to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"), McDonald's customers can enjoy a McChicken for $1.01, followed by a $2.01 Chicken or Sausage McGrille and large coffee on Tuesday, a 10 pack McNuggets for $3.01 on Wednesday, and a Big Mac and Medium Fries for $4.01 on Thursday.

Just like college syllabus week, you are praised for simply showing up, so customers that redeem all four deals will receive double the rewards on one order between August 22 and 31. With deals like this, it's no surprise that McDonald's new loyalty program was ranked as one of the best fast-food loyalty programs by Go Banking Rates.