Twitter Wants More Of These All-Star Chefs

It seems reasonable to imagine a streaming service like Netflix might have a team of specialists scouring social media to ascertain what content to feature. However, Seeking Alpha reports that Netflix makes most of its money off of subscription fees and DVD rentals the same way Costco makes a chunk of revenue from membership fees (via Motley Fool). In other words, it may not matter to Netflix if many people are watching any given show; as long as people keep paying their subscription fees and renting their DVDs, Netflix is going to do just fine (via Gizmodo).

This might seem hard to fathom, especially for those who can still remember a time when the survival of their favorite television show was almost solely at the mercy of Nielson ratings, similar to how a film's success can be judged by its number of screening days, per Service Business. However, when Netflix cancels a cult-favorite series despite fans asking for more the platform's disregard for ratings becomes apparent. Take "The OA," for example, which was canceled after two seasons even while deeply disappointed fans lobbied on social media and protested in person at the Netflix headquarters on both coasts to #BringBackOA, per Thrillist

But who's to say Netflix won't listen to the fans in some cases? Indeed, that would appear to be what's driving a burgeoning movement on Twitter to get a couple of all-star celebrity chefs the second season of their show.

Twitter wants more of Alton Brown and Kristen Kish

Shortly after midnight on August 11, 2022, a Twitter user took to the social media app to make a special request of Netflix involving celebrity chefs Alton Brown and Kristen Kish. Specifically, one user tagged Netflix and tweeted, "I need MORE @altonbrown and @KristenLKish content. Get on it. Thanks." 

Now, this particular Twitter user isn't what anyone would call an influencer; they have just over 200 followers. But someone heard them. In fact, six users retweeted the message, three quoted it, and almost 80 have liked it as of this writing. Other fan responses included, "I would love more," and, "YES PLEASE." One person quote tweeted the post and wrote, "Like right now!" Of course, the users are referring to the show Brown and Kish are already co-hosting on Netflix. In fact, this show is the reason Brown left Food Network. We're referring, of course, to the "Iron Chef" reboot, "Iron Chef: Quest For an Iron Legend," which premiered on June 15, 2022, according to Forbes

Now that the first season is complete, the question still remains — will these two all-star chefs get to make a Season 2 (per FanSided)? If Twitter has anything to do with it, that would appear to be a yes. Now it's just up to Netflix to decide.