Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services Of 2022

Being an adult can be challenging in more ways than one. From maintaining mental health to performing small tasks like folding laundry the day you wash it, navigating this strange world of unrequited maturity can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Picking what to eat for dinner every night can be equally laborious and brain-draining, especially after a long day of procrastinating towards a hopefully early retirement. From cooking to planning, meal prepping, and washing the dishes, it's sometimes easier to throw in the trendy tea towel and order takeout instead.

Thanks to the introduction of meal delivery services, cooking can be quicker, stress-free, and sometimes, less labor-intensive. It's like having a chef pick and occasionally cook your meals for you without the fancy kitchen gadgets. With just a touch, click, or swipe, fresh meals and ingredients are delivered right to your home –– no more grocery trips. There are dozens of meal delivery services fitted for the pickiest of eaters, trendiest diets, or healthiest lifestyles. Not all are created equal and picking a healthy option that's right for you or your family shouldn't leave you ripping your hair out in line at the drive-thru.

How we selected products

Choosing the right meal kit doesn't have to include hours of time-consuming research or awkward small talk with that friend who always raves about how HelloFresh changed their life. However, there are still a few aspects that we considered when examining different healthy meal delivery options. One of the most important factors was cost, as well as including a wide range of choices from the budget meal prepper to the Influenster-wannabe. Other elements we considered were the selection of meals, different dietary restrictions, cooking style (or lack of), and sustainability.

We tried not to fixate on hard nutritional numbers like calories, fat content, or sugar content, since "healthy" is subjective and everyone should choose what best fits their needs. Instead, we looked at options with a focus on whole foods, sustainably sourced meat and vegetables, and a variety of items that suit a balanced diet. When researching, we referenced multiple press reviews from publications as well as customer testimonies and information provided on the company's website.

Best overall healthy meal delivery service

Sunbasket is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to meal delivery services, with its wide selection of meal kits, prepared meals, snacks, breakfast foods, and pantry staples. The brand's main focus is on clean and high-quality ingredients, sourcing certified organic produce, eggs, milk, yogurt, and sustainably-sourced meat from local farmers. It also offers meals for healthy lifestyles whether they be diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, paleo, Mediterranean, or pescatarian.

Sunbasket has over 1,500 five-star ratings on Trustpilot, and foodies love the quality, plethora of delicious recipes, easy-to-use website, and helpful customer service. Meal kits start at $11.49 per serving, while the fresh & ready meals start at around $10 per serving. While that may not be the cheapest option around, it's worth the money when one handful of organic produce at the grocery store can cost as much as a meal kit.

A review in Parade noted the generous amount of organic produce as well as the balance of protein, fiber, and carbs in each meal that left them satisfied. However, it's not a service that focuses on comfort food from childhood and it may not be great for picky eaters, kids, or people who don't like their food to taste too much like vegetables (via Real Simple). That being said, Sunbasket is 100% the right choice for an affordable lifestyle change that doesn't skimp on flavor, quality, or sustainability.

Try Sunbasket meal delivery service starting at $10 per serving as of August 2022.

Best budget healthy meal delivery service

Meal delivery services don't have to be expensive or unobtainable, thanks to budget-friendly options like EveryPlate. You can get your first box for as low as $1.49 per serving and it increases to $4.99 per serving if you order for four people. Five meals a week for a family of four adds up to around $100, making this one of the cheapest options on the market. The only downside is that shipping costs an extra $9.99 per week, but the food savings certainly make up for it.

EveryPlate offers 18 different meal options to select from every week, ranging from comforting French onion chicken and meatballs to veggie tacos and other family-friendly dishes. Trustpilot has over 18,000 positive reviews about EveryPlate, and consumers praise its just-right portion sizes, fresh ingredient, and easy-to-prepare recipes. Thrillist reviewed this HelloFresh cousin and noted that what it lacks in fancy recipes and ingredients, it makes up for in accessibility and simplicity.

Even though the meals are not packed with exotic superfoods and organic everything, each dish is made with whole foods that are balanced and hearty, not to mention healthier than most fast food. If you are looking for more specialized kits for dietary restrictions or weight loss, it may not be the best option, but it's surely a great starter meal delivery service that's affordable, easy to use, and delicious.

Try EveryPlate meal kit delivery service for as little as $4.99 per serving as of August 2022.

Best luxury healthy meal delivery service

On the flip side, meal delivery services like Sakara are meant to be bougie. It's the kit for Goop influencers and the budding Gwyneth Paltrows in a world free of sugar, dairy, GMOs, pesticides, and meat.

Sakara prides itself on being more than just a delivery service by harnessing the power of food as medicine. Taking part in its superfood program allegedly improves digestion, reduces bloating, boosts energy, and improves skin clarity –– something brands like HelloFresh don't claim. The program includes ready-to-eat meals like a beauty bean salad, breakfast orange blossom waffles, super bars, and even vitamins and supplements. However, Sakara doesn't believe in calorie counting and forgoes indicating calorie content to prioritize the importance of good fats, carbohydrates, greens, and nutrient-dense foods.

A review in HuffPost found some meals to be surprisingly filling and tasty, while others lacked substance and tasted bland. One of the other major downsides is the amount of waste from packaging, knocking it down a couple of notches on the sustainability scale. There is also an extra cost for alterations due to allergies, on top of the steep cost per box –– almost $350 per week for three meals over five days (it is in the luxury category for a reason). All the same, it's still a trendy and unique option for those who have zero time to cook throughout the week and want to jump-start their health and wellness routine.

Explore Sakara's meal delivery options based on location.

Best organic healthy meal delivery service

Many meal delivery services offer organic options, but none have quite as many as Green Chef. Acquired by HelloFresh in 2018, it offers around 24 different recipes every week that fit keto, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets. Similar to HelloFresh, it couldn't be easier to get those same delicious and certified organic meals with the click of a button. The per serving amount is slightly more expensive –– an average of $12.99 a serving and $9.99 in shipping costs –– than other popular brands like HelloFresh, but it lands on top for its meal selections and dietary variety.

Unlike most meal kits, Green Chef offers a six-person option for larger households but falls short by providing a maximum of four meals a week. Most of the packaging is recyclable or compostable, but a review by Real Simple found that some of the ingredients came bruised or broken during shipment. However, its biggest flaws are a lack of free shipping, longer cook and prep times, and slightly repetitive recipes. That being said, buying Green Chef meals is a wonderful way for beginner chefs with or without dietary needs to add more organic ingredients to their diet.

Try Green Chef for as little as $11.99 a serving as of August 2022.

Best premade healthy meal delivery service

Daily Harvest with its hypnotic commercials and irresistible-looking smoothies often comes to mind with meal kit services. The company puts an emphasis on sustainably-sourced fruits and veggies to diversify your palette and create a better food system. The brand works directly with local farmers to focus on regenerative agriculture to grow fresh ingredients that are frozen at the peak of ripeness to make delicious meals.

All of Daily Harvest's meals are plant-based and ready-to-eat with no added gluten, fillers, refined sugars, or GMOs. Unlike most meal services, you choose from a permanent selection of smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, snacks, and soups as opposed to a rotating menu. From there, you can choose the box size you want and pay per item, with prices ranging from $5.99 to $9.79 per unit –– definitely more expensive than other conventional meal kits.

However, consumers love it as evidenced by an Influenster review highlighting the convenience, fresh ingredients, lack of bulky shipping ice packs, and sustainable packaging. A review in Self praised the nourishing meals but felt that some lacked protein and calories to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal. Meanwhile, a Forbes review enjoyed how user-friendly and time-saving the service was but found the need to add spices and dairy to jazz things up. Yet, it's still a strong option for people trying to make healthier decisions without giving up on frozen foods.

Choose your Daily Harvest meal kit by selecting the size and items.

Best healthy plant-based meal delivery service

Whether you are a hard-core vegan or an experimental flexitarian, Purple Carrot is a fool-proof delivery service that takes the pressure out of plant-based eating. The brand not only claims that its kits release 72% less carbon into the atmosphere compared to standard meals, but also that consuming them will reduce weight and LDL cholesterol in four weeks. In addition, the company focuses on improving health education and contributes to the Farmlink Project to help fight food insecurity.

Purple Carrot offers prepared meals and celebration boxes, including a specialized three-course meal for two. The kits contain up to four meals a week or 10 units for prepared meals. There are only eight rotating options per week, not including the two lunch and breakfast options, which is definitely less varied than some other meal delivery services.

It has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot with the biggest complaint being shipping inconsistencies and food shortages. One review explained that they wished there was a wider assortment of meals inspired by international options like Indian, Mexican, or Italian cuisine. While it is an easy way to edge yourself into eating more vegetables and vegan dishes, a dietitian commented that it may not be suited for keto diets or people with common food allergies (via Healthline). Nonetheless, Purple Carrot makes a plant-based diet easier, more obtainable, and more delicious than ever before.

Try Purple Carrot meal delivery kit for as little as $11 a serving as of August 2022.

Best healthy gluten-free meal delivery service

Formerly known as Factor 75, Factor is a fast and flexible meal delivery service that offers gluten-free and low-carb meals that only require a microwave. Impressively, Factor offers around 32 possible dishes to choose from per week ranging from artichoke and spinach chicken to keto mushroom burgers, complete with an assortment of vegetarian and vegan options. Since the meals only come in single serving options, you have the choice of selecting between four and 18 meals a week, priced between $11 and $15 a serving.

Factor has over 23,000 ratings on Trustpilot and 4.2 out of 5 stars, making it an easy favorite. Reviewers love the healthy portion sizes, convenience, and well-balanced options, but the biggest complaint is customer service. A review in Parade described Factor as one of the most delicious and wonderfully-textured prepared meal services in the game, with popular dishes like flaky salmon and keto bowls. 

Another nice touch is that Factor offers a complimentary consultation with a dietitian to find which meals best fit your lifestyle and health goals. It may not be suited for families, people with intense food allergies, anyone watching their sodium intake, or hard-core plant eaters, but the convenience of having nutritious food in a matter of minutes makes it worthwhile.

Enjoy Factor meal delivery service kits starting at $11 per serving as of August 2022.

Best healthy delivery meal service for kids

We can't forget healthy meal kits for kids and overwhelmed parents. Nurture Life is the painless way to get kids to eat delicious and healthy food without a fuss. Its permanent selection of kid-sized meals, finger foods for ages 10 months and older, smoothies, and snacks are a balanced source of protein, carbs, and healthy vegetables. Every meal is 100% nut-free, processed in a nut-free facility, and offers options for a wide variety of dietary restrictions and food allergies.

A review on Nurture Life in Insider found that the meals were both kid and parent-approved and had a remarkably good texture for a microwave dinner. Some potential risks were raised such as slightly elevated amounts of sodium and the fact that it might encourage picky eating habits (via National Library of Medicine). The price is on the higher end for a kid's meal but makes up for it with added peace of mind.

Pick a Nurture Life meal delivery plan by selecting your favorite items beginning at $6.99 as of August 2022.

Best healthy meal delivery service for athletes

From professional athletes to bodybuilders and at-home gym rats, having a well-balanced diet filled with protein and healthy carbs is crucial to nourish the gains. Trifecta is a ready-to-eat meal delivery service made to fuel an athlete's mind and body while avoiding gluten, refined sugars, GMOs, and saturated fat. It also prides itself on being one of the most sustainable meal kit companies thanks to its biodegradable packaging, low carbon footprint, organic ingredients, and non-existent food waste. Trifecta also makes meal prepping available for dietary needs such as paleo, vegetarian, vegan, Whole 30, and keto.

Another unique feature of Trifecta is the coaching from nutrition experts and personalized macro tracking through the app to achieve personal fitness goals. CNET commented that it was a great way to eat cleaner and healthier one meal at a time. However, there is a heftier price tag associated with buying organic, and you are required to purchase a minimum of seven meals a week for around $110. You also aren't able to pick your own dishes every week unless you choose the classic meal plan. The review remarked that some of the options were mushy or not as adventurous as other dishes, but it is a great source of fuel and stamina for any type of athlete.

Try a Trifecta meal plan starting at $99.99 for seven meals a week as of August 2022.

Best chef-approved healthy meal delivery service

CookUnity is one of the first of its kind –– a chef-to-customer meal service that celebrates a diverse and colorful flavor palette. The freshly prepared meals are never frozen and are hand-crafted by local and regional chefs in small batches from the kitchen to your doorstep. With its recyclable and compostable packaging, it's as simple as choosing up to 16 meals a week, picking dishes based on dietary preferences, heating, and eating.

Customers choose meals based on where they live and select a variety of different plates every week, like blackened salmon, turkey-stuffed peppers, and marinated tofu. Mashable reviewed the meal service and praised the variety which includes salads, pastas, soups, as well as a wide selection of chef specials and holiday-inspired recipes. It may be on the pricier side compared to other prepared meals, but it's worth it for the flavor and quality. Overall, it takes the dread out of meal prepping and adds more spice to your life.

CookUnity offers a range of meal options and quantities beginning at $10.39 per meal as of August 2022.

Best allergy-free healthy meal delivery service

Hungryroot is both a meal delivery and grocery service that offers easy meal prep, planning options, and pantry staples. It doesn't provide meal plans like traditional services but instead presents different recipes and the ingredients required, allowing consumers to customize it from there. Also, you don't pay based on the items but the number of credits available for each size box, which makes it flexible for whatever dietary wants and needs you have.

There are dozens of recipes available like grain bowls, tacos, and an incredible selection of grocery staples such as fresh produce, snacks, sauces, and dips. Its commitment to sustainability extends to creating recyclable packaging, biodegradable ice packs, and zero waste sourcing. It's also super easy to customize each plan to avoid common allergens like nuts, dairy, gluten, soy, egg, and shellfish.

A commentary in a Food & Wine review gave Hungryroot 10 out of 10 in terms of ease of preparation, thanks to clear cooking directions and recipe cards. Each dish was delicious including desserts, sauces, and mains –– with no extra seasoning required –– and the portions were also satisfying and didn't call for extra ingredients. In the long run, Hungryroot is a great option for all diets and lifestyles thanks to a delicious assortment of groceries and recipes.

Try Hungryroot for fresh groceries and new recipes based on your needs, beginning at $70 per delivery as of August 2022.

Best healthy meal delivery service for large families

It can be hard to find meal delivery services for families of four or more, yet One Potato is a healthy and family-friendly option that offers meals for as many as six people, including kid-sized portions. One Potato also spotlights seasonal and organic produce that is already pre-chopped and pre-measured for your convenience.

There are 13 recipes to choose from in the weekly rotating menu –– five farm-fresh, five vegan, and three picky-eater meals –– as well as packable lunches, smoothies, and both gluten-free and gluten-filled cookie dough. Options include a wide variety of international cuisines, dietary needs, allergy modifications, and even Spanish recipe cards.

CNET reviewed One Potato, noting that it was one of the best services available to help big families eat healthier. It definitely leans toward plant-based meals so it may not be the best option for carnivore households. The per-serving price decreases as you increase the quantities, with a low of around $8 a meal. CNET reported that the portion sizes were larger than expected and recommended scaling down for fewer leftovers. There isn't a lot of variety each week, so it has the potential to become repetitive. Aside from the restricted choice and elevated amount of plastic waste, One Potato is a family-oriented option perfect for anyone trying to incorporate more organic plant-based meals into their diet.

Try One Potato meal delivery service for as little as $8.32 a serving as of August 2022.