Instagram Is Raining Praise On Sunny Anderson's Rainbow Waffle

Fans of Sunny Anderson know that she is truly a joy to follow. Her career in the food world has spanned years, and she is very rarely without a smile. While many know her as one of the several lovable co-hosts from "The Kitchen," Anderson has made a name for herself outside of that kitchen, both in her own kitchen and on-screen in the kitchens of fellow chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, and more.

And her online presence is just as fun-loving. She treats followers to her goofy and oftentimes self-deprecating humor. For example, fans were over the moon watching Anderson serenade her pizza in a past Instagram post. Another post highlighted Anderson's heartwarming experience of turning a former troll into an ally. So it's hard not to expect that when she posts about food, it will be equally joyful. Judging from the reactions, joy is exactly the feeling conjured by her rainbow waffle.

Sunny with a chance of rainbow

Those who follow Sunny Anderson may have noticed a particularly cheery post she added to her Instagram account this week featuring an adorable waffle that is not only colored like a rainbow but somewhat shaped like one as well. She even added some whipped cream clouds to the corners with what looked like Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on top for some more color and flavor. Anderson captioned the photo by spoofing the "Wizard of Oz" song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Followers ooh-ed and aah-ed over the waffles, with one calling them "too beautiful to eat" and many noting how much they love the idea and can not wait to replicate it with their own family members. Another commenter exclaimed, "Oh this is everything!!!" Many also responded to Anderson's prompt asking them to weigh in on their favorite ways to decorate waffles or pancakes. While many chimed in with things like nuts or M&Ms, it seems a good amount of others are now planning to add these tasty rainbow treats to their rotation.