The Returning Crumbl Cookies Flavor That Has Cheesecake Lovers Excited

If you're obsessed with all things cheesecake, you've probably savored many treats inspired by the taste of the sweet custard-like dessert. Frequent fast food goers may often find themselves at Sonic so that they can sip away at a graham cracker-dusted Cheesecake Sonic Blast shake, which comes in pretty close to number one on our popular Sonic Blast list. And serious Cheesecake fans are sure to fondly remember when Pop-Tart launched limited-time pastries that tasted like eating Cheesecake for breakfast (via Walmart). But now, another well-loved way for Cheesecake fanatics to devour their favorite dessert is back thanks to one of America's most adored cookie makers.

Since its inception in 2017, as reported by ABC News, Crumbl Cookies has transformed some of the U.S.'s favorite snacks into lager-than-life cookie fun with its weekly menu lineups. Last week, the cookie producer brought the spirit of summer festivals to its fans by releasing a fried ice cream cookie. But, according to a post the company made on Instagram, its cookie lineup for the week of August 14 seems to be all about warm baked goods — and Crumbl Cookies' cheese-cake-influenced flavor is back on the menu.

Cheesecake fans can once again enjoy Crumbl Cookies' Raspberry Cheesecake treat

As stated by Crumbl Cookies' Instagram post, the Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie is composed of three different layers, "a buttery graham cracker cookie, smooth vanilla cheesecake frosting, and a dollop of fresh raspberry jam." The cookie has long been a favorite of Crumbl Cookies lovers and cheesecake fans. In fact, one adamant lover of the sweet even started a petition to have it become one of the company's "standard" cookie offerings.

So, of course, plenty of cheesecake lovers expressed their joy for the cheesecake treat's return in the post's comment section. One user wrote" Raspberry Cheesecake literally just brought tears of joy to my eyes." Another posted, "FINALLY!!! So glad Raspberry Chessecake is back."

While the Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie is surely the standout treat on this week's Crumbl Cookies' menu for cheesecake fans, the other dessert-inspired menu flavors include three more comeback cookie favorites, Lemon Poppy Seed, Milk Chocolate Chip, and Caramel Popcorn, and two all-new cookie options, Peanut Butter Blossom and French Silk Pie. As delicious a treat as this week's menu sounds, once it disappears cheesecake fans can always fill the Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie hole in their hearts by trying out other delicious cheesecake recipes.