Nearly 36% Of People Think This Pizza Chain Has The Best Dessert

When it comes to pizza, everyone has a favorite pizza joint — the one that cooks the crust the way you like it, adds the perfect number of ingredients, and offers the ideal cheese to bread ratio. It turns out that some 'za lovers also judge their local pizza parlor by the desserts they serve as well. Why not? Dessert, after all, has always been presented as the crowning glory of the meal. Seriously. What American kid never heard the dire warning, "If you don't finish your (insert least favorite food here), you won't get dessert?" 

When it comes to sweet treats, it seems that the 1925 song title "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" still rings true today. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Yahoo! Food, 41% of respondents listed ice cream as their favorite dessert, making it America's number one choice (via POPSUGAR.). The second pick was cake, lagging far behind at 20%. But things can change quickly in the fickle dessert realm. It turns out that the iconic apple pie may dethrone this frozen dairy treat as Statista shows that in 2020 this dessert enjoyed the fastest rising popularity at an astonishing 330%.  

This raises some interesting questions. What pizza joint has been the most successful at tantalizing the nation's sweet tooths? (Or is it sweet teeth?) And, what are the most popular items on the dessert menu? 

Domino's chocolate lava crunch cake is a fan favorite

In a survey recently conducted by Mashed, 599 respondents were asked which pizza chain has the best desserts. The winner (with 35.56% of the votes) was Domino's. Pizza Hut was the runner-up with a respectable 32.72%, while Papa John's placed third with 16.03%. 

If you haven't partaken in a Domino's sweet treat, you may be surprised by their most popular offerings. The marbled cookie brownie is a brownie/chocolate chunk cookie hybrid that was first introduced in 2015. In a company press release at the time, Domino's chief marketing officer called it "the best of both worlds with warm milk chocolate chunks and fudge brownie in every bite." The chocolate Lava Crunch Cake, the true star of their dessert lineup, is said to taste like an oven-fresh Oreo cookie with a warm, melty, chocolatey center (via On The Gas) in the place of an inert white slab of mystery goo. And the Cinnamon Bread Twists can be paired perfectly with the Baked Apple Dip, described in a press release as being " sweet, gooey oven-baked apples with a hint of cinnamon." Your mouth is likely watering already. With fudge, milk chocolate, or cinnamon to choose from, Dominos has managed to create something for every sugary hankering. 

The next time you crave a pizza pie from your favorite eatery, you may want to check out their dessert menu. You never know what tempting morsels you'll find.