The Big Problem Costco Shoppers Have With Its Meal Prep Containers

With hacks to help you plan out your weekly meals available on countless websites and a #mealprep community on TikTok to go to when you're looking for lunch ideas, meal prepping has been one food trend that has seemingly dominated the internet. But luckily, meal prep has some worthwhile benefits. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, meal prepping not only allows avid foodies to cut down on food costs but also helps make mealtime less stressful. And Costco might be a place people seek out for their find meal prep necessities.

After all, the retailer allows meal preppers to buy a week of meals' ingredients in bulk at a low price – and it seems Costco has caught on to the fact it's a potential shopping spot for those who like to plan out their weekly eats. Instagrammer costcohotfinds revealed in a post that the grocery chain has now added an eight-piece set of meal prep containers by the brand Ello to its line of products. But despite the store's efforts, many Costco shoppers in the comment section of the post left negative reviews of the food storage containers. And the reason for customers' dislike of Costco's glass meal prep set has to do with the containers' lids.

Costco shoppers' have a lot to say about its meal prep containers' lids

As noted by costcohotfinds' post, the containers are designed to be safe for dishwashers and freezers as well as ovens and microwaves so long as shoppers remove the lid. Each container also has a glass divider inside of it to make meal prep easier for customers. However, if you thought that sounded like a meal prepper's dream come true, you thought differently than a number of commenters. The nearly $24 set (which Costco also claims is leakproof) does not meet some shoppers' expectations.

Costco customers claimed that the containers' lids were less than secure. One user stated that the latches of the lids were not sturdy, writing, "These are THE WORST!! All latches on the lids break off constantly and they leak everywhere. DO NOT BUY THESE." Another user noted that they had problems attempting to put the lid back on a container after they had microwaved one, stating, "These suck lol!! If you microwave and close the lid they are IMPOSSIBLE to open again! Broke mine last week this way."

So, according to customers, it seems that Costco's glass meal prep set may not be as perfect for meal preppers as the store hoped. But those that feel like they'll never find quality containers don't have to worry – we composed a list of 2022's best food container sets to help you find something that may better suit your meal prep needs.