Smashburger Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favorite Sandwich

Smashburger is known for its unique smashed patties made with 100% Certified Angus Beef. A smash burger is a style of cooking burgers that includes flattening the patty by literally smashing it onto a grill. The patty adheres to the griddle, resulting in a crispy crust around the edges of the burger. Smashburger prides itself on creating these burgers in a fast-casual environment that is accessible to everyone (via Smashburger).

Smashburger provides alternatives for those customers who prefer not to eat beef. It offers turkey burgers, vegetarian black bean burgers, and chicken sandwiches. Smashburger has an impressive six different kinds of crispy chicken sandwiches on the regular menu, as well as two kinds of chicken tenders.

While other fast food burger joints like Whataburger and Burger King serve spicy chicken sandwiches, Smashburger only offers Nashville hot-style chicken tenders (via Thrillist). That's about to change as the chain is re-releasing its spicy chicken sandwich for a limited time. 

Smashburger fans are getting what they asked for

Smashburger posted a short video to its Twitter account alerting customers to the good news. The $5 Scorchin' Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich returns to stores on August 16, 2022. According to the video, fans were begging the chain to bring back the sandwich after its short debut in 2021. The Scorchin' sandwich is a twist on a Nashville hot chicken sandwich, with spicy red pepper mayo, and pickles.

The hot chicken sandwich was first introduced at Smashburger back in April 2021. Per PR Newswire, it was created as a way to "end the chicken sandwich wars" occurring at several fast food restaurants. During the original promotion, Smashburger offered a "Peace Hour" where free chicken sandwiches were given to any fast food employee who came dressed in uniform.

The Scorching hot chicken deal is more expensive than a single spicy chicken sandwich at Popeyes or Chick-fil-A. Both fast food chains sell spicy chicken sandwiches for under $5. However, the $5 chicken sandwich at Smashburger is still the least expensive chicken sandwich on the menu. 

The sandwiches will be available until September 30 and according to the website, only four sandwiches can be purchased in one transaction.