We Now Definitively Know Twitter's Favorite Soup

Above all else, Twitter is known for its discourse. But although the social media app's users have gotten into heated debates on everything from the worst restaurant chain to politics, there are a few rare instances where people across the app unite. And more often than not, that unifying force seems to have something to do with food. For example, when Costco removed the combo pizza slices from its food court, Twitter users came together to protest the products' disappearance. Now, Twitter has once again come to one of its very rare app-wide agreements — and this time, it was over soup.

With people across the United States sipping down more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year, surely everyone has a type of soup they love to devour over all the rest. That's probably what Twitter user Damien Scott, whose username is MadScientistFF, was thinking when he posted a tweet featuring a collection of soups and asked Twitter to respond with their favorite. The list featured 12 different soup options, ranging from tomato soup to pho, but only one choice made it to Twitter's trending page.

The official soup of Twitter is a French one

Made of decadent cheese and tasty onion, French onion soup sounds like the perfect treat for a cool autumn day. At least most of Twitter certainly thinks so. Damien Scott's soup poll post from August 13 earned over 4,780 quote tweets and in nearly every reply, users were singing their praises to French onion soup — which made it start trending in the U.S.

When replying to the tweet, Twitter users made their love for the cheesy delight of a soup known. One person wrote, "If your pick isn't French onion don't answer." Another posted, "French onion soup. Every time. All the time." One user, who felt the soup flavor could not be outdone, wrote, "french onion, all other soups sit down."

Even if French onion soup was not the top pick of some respondents (pho and clam chowder were also wildly popular soup favorites), it still consistently made many people's list as one of their most beloved warm meals — including singer and songwriter Lizzo, who put the Twitter-favorite soup in a respectable third place on her quote-tweet soup ranking. It seems that French onion soup can take pride in being one of the few things Twitter agrees on.