The Starbucks Pastry Employees Hate Serving, According To Reddit

Although Starbucks is perhaps best known for its coffee, frappuccinos, and fruity iced drinks that bring to mind teenagers posing for an Instagram photo, that's not all the Starbucks menu has to offer. Starbucks also has pre-made sandwiches, parfaits, and various bakery goods to enjoy alongside your drink of choice, like the fruity Refreshers the brand is being sued over (per Bloomberg).

Honestly, when you look at the Starbucks bakery menu, it's kind of interesting that it doesn't get more hype. There are bagels of different flavors, cake pops, cookies, brownies, and dessert bars. Then there are various croissants, as well as fresh cakes and loaves, danishes, donuts, scones, and muffins.

But as much as we love eating these treats, Starbucks employees aren't always particularly thrilled about serving them. Several employees recently sounded off on a Reddit post about the pastries they most hate serving. Make your guesses now, because you might not expect their responses.

Fun to eat, but not so fun to serve to customers

After one Reddit user posted about their slice of Starbucks' lemon loaf being left in the wrapper, Starbucks employees hopped into the comment section to explain. According to them, the lemon loaf slices break easily when being unwrapped, and broken slices are supposed to be thrown out. Pair that with the often frantic behind-the-counter energy of Starbucks, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

One person commented, "If it's busy, I never open them. They fall apart at a finger tip's touch, I swear." Another person joked, "We don't always have the time to commit to the surgical finesse required to get those suckers out of the wrapper."

Others said it was a safety precaution, considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One employee wrote, "Unless they ask for a pastry warm, we just put it in a pastry bag still wrapped." Besides, leaving the pastry in the wrapper allows it to stay fresh longer, so the next time you receive your lemon loaf or 'anti-coffee coffeecake' still in the wrapper, consider it your lucky day. And if you happen to be looking for an alternative to this precarious pastry, Elite Daily notes that a TikToker found copycat lemon loaf for $1 at Walmart.