How Jade Catta-Preta From Hotties On Hulu Really Feels About Spicy Food - Exclusive

Jade Catta-Preta is the host of a new show streaming on Hulu, "Hotties," which pits couples on blind dates against other couples as they attempt to cook up a spicy dish ... while in a blisteringly hot food truck in the desert ... while also completing heat challenges that require them to eat some of the world's spiciest foods ... while also proving that they actually have some spice going on between one another, too. In other words, there's a whole lot of heat.

Catta-Preta watches it all going down remotely, from the comfort of an air-conditioned trailer, and then makes her appearance to taste-test the food and pronounce judgment on the couples. The winning couple gets $2,500 and can choose to use that prize money to plan a second date, or they can split the cash and promise to never see one another again. However, for being the host of a show that's centered all around heat and spice, Catta-Preta's personal take on spicy food isn't the shining endorsement you might think it would be.

'A complete misconception'

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Jade Catta-Preta said, "I'm Brazilian, born and raised, and people are always like, 'Brazilians love spicy.' I'm like, 'That's a complete misconception.' I love it in theory. My body does not. I'm just like an old Jewish woman when it comes to anything spicy. I have heartburn if I even look at it. I had to take very small bites when I was tasting the stuff [on the show]." The hottest thing Catta-Preta said she's ever eaten? A Thai pepper that she said made things "rough" for about a week.

Given her body's reactions, it's not surprising that the comedian only judges small portions of the spicy dishes contestants cook up on the show, but she shared that the highlight of filming "Hotties" has been the people anyway, not the food. "What was more enjoyable for me was seeing people bond over the process," she said.

All 10 episodes of Season 1 of "Hotties" are now available for streaming on Hulu.