The Festival That Encourages The Tossing Of Tuna

If you've ever taken a stroll through Seattle's Pike Place Market, you've likely encountered a flying fish. With its fishmongers tossing salmon and halibut and other gilled favorites up to 200 times a day — with some weighing as much as 33 pounds — this destination has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists, alike (per National Geographic). People seem to enjoy anything that involves the throwing of food. 

Detroit Red Wings fans cheer enthusiastically when an octopus is tossed onto the ice (per the Detroit Free Press). And The Tennessean reports that Nashville Predator fans are equally enthralled by the flinging of catfish on the rink. Every August, about 22,000 people gather at La Tomatina Festival near Valencia, Spain to chuck 120 tons of tomatoes at each other. Meanwhile, in Coxheath, U.K., food-fight aficionados gather for the World Custard Pie Championships. Foursomes face off against one another in a pie throwing contest that awards top points for a direct hit to the face. In Manitou Springs, Colorado, the residents have found a way to rid themselves of unwanted fruitcake. Fodors reveals that the Great Fruitcake Toss invites people to not only throw their rum-soaked bricks but also to fire them off in a fruit cake slingshot. (And fruitcake fans everywhere sigh in dismay.)

If you, too, long to chuck an edible item, you can be just like the fishmongers of Seattle. There's a festival that will let you toss a giant tuna. 

You can break a Guinness World Record at the World Famous Tuna Toss

Welcome to Port Lincoln, South Australia, home to Tunarama and the World Famous Tuna Toss. Lore has it that this fish-throwing tradition began thanks to fisherman who would unload their catch by tossing it onto trucks for transport. Apparently, local onlookers were asked who could throw a tuna the furthest and the winner was offered a day's graft (per Smart Traveler). This simple contest has transformed into a Guinness World Records event that offers $1000 prize to each category winner and $500 to those that place second (per ABC). If you pass the initial heat which involves tossing a plastic fish, you can move on to the second day and throw a 10 kilogram bluefin tuna

If fish-hurling isn't your thing, Instagram reveals that this festival has been known to offer a plethora of fun activities including fireworks, a human truck pull, an FMX freestyle show, a parade, movie night, a sand sculpture competition, a boat-building contest, and much more. And, of course, there are plenty of opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry. Running from January 27 to 29, 2023, this event will make for an action-packed weekend. 

So, if you've ever found yourself envious of Seattle's fish-throwing market employees, your own tuna-tossing aspirations can come to fruition. Just be careful where you find your "practice fish." Aka, step away from your neighbor's fish tank.