Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Martha Stewart's 'Perfect' Lunch

Who doesn't love a good food photo? Whether it's a snap of a dish from your favorite restaurant or a mouthwatering shot of your friend's home-cooked meal, seeing a tasty plate of food pop up as you browse through your various social media feeds can sometimes bring just as much joy as actually digging into the grub yourself.

Yes, "food porn," as the 'grammers affectionately refer to it, certainly has a stronghold on society — so much so, in fact, that the term falls in the top 50 most popular Instagram hashtags of all time, according to Hootsuite. And while extravagant and indulgent treats like pastry chef Amaury Guichon's incredible chocolate creations certainly have the power to make hungry foodies stop their scrolling and stare, simpler meals also have the ability to capture social media users' attention just as well. Case in point: Homemaking queen Martha Stewart's latest Instagram post featuring a beloved rainy day comfort meal has many of her fans salivating from the other side of their screens.

The simplicity of Martha Stewart's rainy day meal

There's never a dull moment on Martha Stewart's Instagram page, where the 81-year-old recently stunned her 1.6 million followers with a scandalous throwback magazine cover. For her latest upload to the social media platform, however, the cookbook author embraced her foodie roots, opting to give fans a peek at her simple, rainy day lunch of spaghetti and meatballs that, for Stewart, seems to be a 10 out of 10.

"Perfect meatballs. Perfect fresh tomato sauce. Perfect lunch on a rainy cold Maine Thursday," the celeb chef captioned the post that, of course, also included a photo of her meal. Her followers seemed impressed by the August 18 food photo as well, if the 5,800-plus likes the post has racked up thus far is any indication. Additionally, several people took to the comments section to praise Stewart's meal, where many mirrored the lifestyle guru's own words about the dish in their commentary. "Perfect pic of perfect lunch," Instagram user @eileenocon wrote. "Looks so good Martha!" another fawning fan said.

Some inquired about the recipe Stewart used to make her "perfect" lunch, though it's unclear whether or not the domestic goddess actually whipped up the classic Italian dish herself. However, the businesswoman does have instructions for "easy spaghetti and meatballs" on her website. If Stewart did, in fact, cook the meal herself, we think it's safe to assume this could be the recipe she used.