The Hilarious Hot Dog Video That Ended In A Lifetime Of Free Grub

There are a few different ways to earn a lifetime supply of free food. Some tried-and-true foodies get all–you-can eat grub by participating in outrageous promos — like when Subway promised to gift free subs forever to those brave enough to get tatted with a 12" x 12" Subway logo. But other times, food for life is granted by circumstance, luck, and the internet. For example, in 2016 a college student returned to his car only to realize his KitKat had been stolen and posted about the incident online (per KHQ). After discovering the tragedy, Hershey then took it upon itself to give the down-on-his-luck student enough KitKats to nearly fill his vehicle from top to bottom.

Now, another hilarious food escapade that was caught on video and promptly posted to Twitter has also been resolved with an all-you-can-eat supply of an American staple — hot dogs. The free food was brought on after White Sox Talk, a podcast dedicated to covering all things related to the baseball team, posted a Twitter video of a little boy just beginning to chomp away at a hot dog during last week's Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers game (via Food & Wine). But things quickly take a turn for the worst.

How a boy's misfortune became a hot dog lover's dream

As seen in the Twitter video posted by White Sox Talk, just as the boy at a baseball game attempts to take what looks like the second or third bite out of his hot dog, the meat falls from the bun onto the floor of the stands. The boy, clearly devastated, face-palms, and the announcers in the video seemed to feel his frustration. "Oh the humanity," one announcer yells. "Oh the horror," proclaims the other. But they weren't the only ones to notice the boy's hotdog nightmare.

The Wiener's Circle, a well-loved and well-recognized hot dog stand in Chicago known for both its food and its tendency to be rude to customers, could not stand by while a boy went without baseball's most well-known cuisine. The hot dog stand took to Twitter to announce that the boy will never have to worry about whether or not Costco's food court hot dog prices will be forced to go up. Indeed, the team behind Wiener's Circle revealed that they had located the boy in the video's father and will be giving him and anyone he brings along unlimited free hot dogs.

Many users in the comment section of the hot dog stand's post noted they were grateful for The Wiener Circle's efforts to make sure the boy will never be without a hot dog at a baseball game. One user wrote, "Oh snap that's awesome." Another posted, "This is so cool. Y'all make the neighborhood a better place."