Instagram Is Applauding Cat Cora's Son's Cooking Accomplishment

Cat Cora is a trailblazer in the culinary space, becoming the first female Iron Chef in 2005 and finding a path to success in a male-dominated industry (via Cora's official website). Although the fact that her family was in the restaurant business may have helped along the way, she had to fight to get a seat at the table at every step along the way. "When I went to France [early in my career], I got 10 rejection letters in a row saying, 'We don't allow females in our kitchen,' and that was only a little over 20 years ago," the celebrity chef told Money.

Despite all the rejections, after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in 1995, the former Iron Chef got the opportunity to stage with Georges Blanc and Roger Verge in France and also worked with acclaimed chefs Larry Forgione and Melissa Kelly. The "Family Food Fight" star told Food Network that Julia Child and Jacques Pepin were also valuable mentors and Child gave Cora a piece of advice that she still follows to this day. "Always pay it forward," she recounted to Food Network. "I'm giving you advice now and helping you, but always make sure you pay that forward to young cooks." The celebrity chef has followed that advice and mentored many young cooks over the years, including her son, who she recently celebrated on Instagram for a huge culinary accomplishment.

Her 15-year old son Caje just became the youngest ever apprentice at the French Laundry

Cat Cora made history when she became the first female Iron Chef, and now her son Caje is also making culinary history as the youngest apprentice at the French Laundry. "Caje, your passion for cooking is extraordinary to watch," Cora wrote on Instagram. "You're a beast in the kitchen! You remind me of myself at your age. I'll cook in the trenches with you any day. Your family loves you so much!" This is a huge accomplishment for the budding chef, as The French Laundry is known as one of the world's best restaurants, boasting three Michelin stars (via Thomas Keller's official website).

"You should be a proud momma! Caje is great," commented David Breeden, Chef de Cuisine at the acclaimed restaurant. "How awesome! Proud Mama moment to the max. Wishing Caje much success and happiness," commented another fan. Caje falls in the middle of four children Cora had with her ex-wife Jennifer (via Us Weekly). She became a stepmother to two more children after marrying Nicole Ehrlich. So it will be interesting to see how many of her other children follow in her footsteps and pursue a culinary career.