The Best Way To Counteract Super-Spicy Food, According To Jade Catta-Preta From Hotties - Exclusive

If you've ever accidentally bitten down on something extra spicy and been caught unawares, tongue burning and begging for relief, then you likely quickly downed the nearest drink or ran to the fridge for some milk. Jade Catta-Preta, host of the new cooking-slash-dating competition show "Hotties," streaming on Hulu, knows a lot about this. During each episode of the show, she watches couples attempt to cook their way through various spicy eating challenges while also trying to prove their real first-date chemistry so they can snag some sweet prize money.

The show offers contestants a variety of ways to cool the heat when they're forced to chug a pepper-infused milkshake or chomp on one of the world's spiciest peppers. There's a fridge full of drinks and food, a bucket of ice, a kiddy pool, and more. However, Catta-Preta says there are some methods for counteracting super-spicy foods that seem to work out better for contestants than others.

Ditch the water; go for the ranch

As Jade Catta-Preta told us during her exclusive interview, water is not your friend if you're attempting to alleviate pain caused by particularly spicy foods. Instead, she said, based on her experience hosting "Hotties," ranch dressing is the way to go.

She said, "A lot of people ended up chugging ranch, and that helped. It's gross, but anything [with a] white texture helps. We had a lot of random stuff in [the food trucks]. We had blue cheese. That's never fun to chug. There was half-and-half. It's funny to see [contestants'] reactions. At one point, they're putting anything they can find in their mouths to make the burning go away. It's funny what happens to people when they're like that. Bread is probably the best, I hear."

However, she also explained, "After a certain point, you have to let it pass through you unfortunately, and then get ready for the pain that you're going to experience."

See all the heat-related drama on "Hotties," now available for streaming on Hulu.