Wendy's Summer Salad Shortage Is Causing An Uproar On Reddit

Let's flash back to the beginning of summer when everyone was probably excited about ice cream cones and the feeling of the sun on their face, and nobody seemed to be desperately waiting to get a taste of the newest pumpkin spice product. As school let out and people began planning beach vacations, Wendy's released a few summer treats. Among its seasonal lineup was the summer-exclusive strawberry Frosty and a returning favorite – the Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad.

According to the brand's website, the salad is composed of chicken, bacon, sugar-dipped almonds, cheese, and strawberries. It returned to the happiness of Wendy's lovers in June. But now, as August begins to fade into September, one Redditor, AdmiralToucan, took to the r/wendy's Reddit forum after finding their location no longer had summer salads available to post a harrowing question. Has the time of Wendy's summer salads come to an end? Redditors in the comment section were met with saddening and outraging news.

The salad-less days of summer

A Redditor in the forum reported that one of the main reasons for the salad being hard to find is because it is officially at the end of its limited time run, posting, "Yeah it's a seasonal salad and since it's technically the end of summer we're down with it for now." Some users were not pleased with this information. One even wrote, "[It's] August 22 how is it the end of summer plz explain."

However, according to commenter odanhammer, the strawberry-topped summer product usually can still be found all the way into the beginning of September. They claimed, "This year is the first time it hasn't been pushed all the way back til the 2nd or 3rd week of September, solely for inventory to run out." And a Redditor who works for the chain revealed that this could be thanks to unexpected supply issues with the strawberries that come with the summer salad. The Wendy's employee explained that their store no longer offers the salad due to their distributor having a strawberry shortage.

But for those who can relate to AdmiralToucan and want to respond to the discovery that there is a shortage of the Summer Strawberry Chicken Salad with a drawn-out "nooooooooooooooo," this news doesn't mean there are no summery treats left. For example, the Dutch Bros ​​Blended Orangesicle Rebel will be sold year-round, according to a company press release.