The Hilarious Origin Story Behind Sophie Flay's Cooking Journey

Have you ever noticed how many famous people have children that follow in their footsteps? You see it in Hollywood, but it's also especially prevalent in the food world. For instance, did you know that Alex Guarnaschelli's mother, Maria, was a famous cookbook editor (via The New York Times)? And, though Giada De Laurentiis is the first member of her family to do food television, she's far from the first to be employed in showbusiness — her grandfather Dino De Laurentiis is one of the most famous Italian film producers of all time, and her mother Veronica was an Italian film actor. 

But, what about Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie? These days, it seems like the younger Flay is falling right in time with her father's footsteps. The two have a podcast together, "Always Hungry," on which they discuss different foods they've tried from around the world and share audio of themselves cooking a recipe together. More recently, the duo debuted a culinary travel show called "Bobby And Sophie On The Coast" on August 22, 2022, on Food Network. But, it turns out Sophie didn't always take after her father in the kitchen — far from it, in fact.

Sophie Flay didn't learn how to cook until adulthood

Bobby Flay shared a hilarious anecdote about his daughter Sophie's journey to becoming a better cook. In an interview on Entertainment Tonight (about their new show "Bobby And Sophie On The Coast"), Bobby started off by saying that when Sophie was younger, she wasn't impressed by her father's career. "That was just his job," she shared. But, when she got to college, she suddenly wished she had paid more attention. Bobby Flay shared that he had tried to teach Sophie to cook many times over the years, but it wasn't until she went to college that he got "the panicked call one day" for help in the kitchen. Apparently, her friends expected Sophie to be a great chef because of her dad, but she realized she didn't know anything.

These days, Sophie shared that when it comes to cooking with dad, "I'm totally the taste tester...I can help out, I'm much more interested in cooking now than I was growing up." Thanks to the duo's growing body of work together, fans can watch Sophie's culinary journey continue to unfold in real-time, be it through their new Food Network show, or Bobby's upcoming cookbook "Sundays With Sophie."