What Happened To Float 'N' Grill After Shark Tank?

Sometimes, entrepreneurs appear on "Shark Tank" and wow the investors right away, like with some of the best foods we've seen. Other times, it takes plenty of discussing before somebody finally ends up making an offer, not to mention the numerous business owners who walk away without a deal at all. For Float 'N' Grill founders Mike Bashawaty and Jeremy Quillico, it took quite a bit of convincing for one shark to offer a deal.

The two men went on the show to pitch their floating grill idea. The concept was a grill that was usable on water, as in pools, while on a boat, or on the lake. Despite having gone viral online, the two men had only done $19,000 in sales, which didn't impress the sharks, as it had most of them thinking people wouldn't be interested in buying the product.

Daniel Lubetzky, a guest shark and billionaire, ended up striking a deal on Float 'N' Grill with Bashawaty and Quillico, though it was a bit complex. The three settled on an initial investment from Lubetzky of $100,000 for a 22.5% stake. But on top of that, the founders received a $100,00 loan from Lubetzky at 7% interest, and Lubetzsky received a 50% licensing deal.

Float 'N' Grill is still available for purchase online

Those who want to practice their bbq and grilling recipes on the water might be in luck. The Float 'N' Grill website still exists, and the product is listed for $229. However, it appears the grill can only be "pre-ordered" rather than actually purchased. When Mashed added the item to the online cart, it didn't give a date as to when the product would be shipped.

What also has us a bit skeptical is that the Float 'N' Grill's Instagram account hasn't been updated in nearly a year. The last time the brand posted was December 2021. They were featured in various media outlets, including Us Weekly's and Rolling Stone's 2021 holiday gift guides. Since then, though, the grill has gone dark on social media; the brand has not posted on its Facebook page since May 2021.

Float 'N' Grill's social accounts didn't get much engagement either. The Instagram account only has about 1,500 followers, and most of the product photos and videos earned very few comments from viewers. Though it doesn't necessarily mean anything, it does give a glimpse into potential customers' interest levels in the product.

The Float 'N' Grill's licensing deal is unclear

The floating grill appears to be limited to purchases through its website only. The two partners did not expand it to any big box stores such as Target, Walmart, or Amazon, based on Mashed's research.

One of the deals Float 'N' Grill made with Daniel Lubetzky was a deal to license the product's patent and bring the floating grill concept to other brands. It's unclear whether there are licensing deals in the works. However, Mashed could not find any floating grills on the market (based on internet research) that appeared to work similarly to Float 'N' Grill's concept. This suggests that no licensing deals have taken place, but according to Upcounsel, licensing deals can take up to a couple of years before they're fully operational. It's possible the Float 'N' Grill licensing deals just haven't made their way to finalization yet.

All in all, it's not easy to tell where Float 'N' Grill stands, despite that its concept for grilling recipes went viral. Its social accounts are essentially inactive, and the product isn't currently available on the website, though that doesn't mean there aren't licensing deals in the works.