How Top Chef Canada's Eden Grinshpan Upgrades Her BLT - Exclusive

The warm weather may be coming to an end, but your favorite summer eats don't have to. In fact, ordering ice cream in the dead of winter is one of life's greatest pleasures. If you are one of those people who tries to include summer dishes in your dinner menu all year round, then Eden Grinshpan's BLT recipe tip is also for you. Seen as a host on "Top Chef Canada," the food personality recently teamed up with Sir Kensington's to create a summer condiment box, and naturally, her favorite condiment is included in her BLTs.

During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Eden talked about the summer foods she just can't get enough of right now. One of the best aspects of hotter months is the ability to grow vegetables right in your backyard, and Grinshpan raved about her garden, as the ingredients in a BLT will most likely be upgraded in flavor when you pick them yourself (fresh tomatoes beat store-bought tomatoes every time!). The cookbook writer also came up with an alternative to the classic BLT, and let's just say it'll be a star at your end-of-summer pool parties.

Eden Grinshpan adds two unexpected ingredients to BLTs

Eden Grinshpan told Mashed that Sir Kensington's offers a chili lime crema everything sauce that takes dishes to the next level. She said, "I also came up with my version of a BLT: bacon, eggplant, basil, and tomato sandwich with the chili lime crema." Sir Kensington's describes the sauce as a "sidekick" with a hint of lime, chili flakes, and a creamy zest. Meanwhile, the traditional BLT recipe doesn't usually include eggplant and swaps out the chili lime crema everything sauce with mayonnaise. 

Grinshpan went on to share that many of her current recipes are inspired by her garden, as the chef also dreamt up a summer squash crisps recipe — and she is "beyond excited to serve that summer squash" as it came directly from her own house. The cookbook author normally specializes in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, in which she said tahini paste is the most underrated food in that specialty. Now you know exactly what to cook for your last month of sunshine — or maybe you should wait on that BLT lunch invite from Eden herself.

The 10th season of "Top Chef Canada" premieres on September 26. Head to Sir Kensington's website to learn more about its condiment offerings, and follow Eden Grinshpan on Instagram to keep up with her latest projects and appearances.