Does Ree Drummond Actually Eat The Recipes She Demonstrates?

The Pioneer Woman is nothing if not real. Actually, sorry; that's not her real name. Ree Drummond is her name, and being real is her game. And fans can't get enough of the very real chef and her real food and really interesting life on a ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma are. Really.

Take Drummond's weight-loss journey, for example. The Food Network star spilled her guts on all the tips and tricks she used to get in shape on her website (spoiler alert: she exercised and ate healthy food), and was real about how much her husband, Ladd, helped her. Or, what about the amount of butter Drummond uses in her cooking? The realness she serves to those not using enough butter could use a pad of butter itself, to balance out all that realness. 

So, if you're going to call into question whether or not Drummond really eats the very real food she really cooks on camera, you'd better believe that The Pioneer Woman is going to give you a real answer.

Little onion rings, big questions

Instagram couldn't believe it when Ree Drummond cracked her knuckles and got to work on some very thin onion rings. Drummond's post on Instagram shows her slicing, spicing, and frying some onions into skinny rings, before ... Wait, what? What's that? The video doesn't show Drummond slicing the onions? She just ... drops the onion on the cutting board and it bursts into thin slices? Well, that doesn't sound very real, at all.

Never mind the movie magic; it's the onion rings we're focused on. In fact, one fan was very focused, appearing to take issue with the fried onion rings being dipped in ranch dressing or plopped on top of a juicy cheeseburger in the video. They casually observed: "Must be a cheat day, how do you eat the recipes you show?" Forget the thinly veiled accusation hidden in that question ... Drummond certainly did, when she responded with characteristic chipperness and an exclamation point for good measure, "I eat everything! I just keep the portions in balance." The user quickly replied that they are "trying over here" and emojified their response with an upside down smiley to show no-hard-feelings. 

Add "real nice" and "really eats the food she cooks" to the list of real things about Ree Drummond.