The Devious Reason Paul Hollywood Always Says 'Moist' On GBBO

Not many words in the English language are as widely despised as the five-letter synonym for wet. Contrary to popular belief, according to Business Insider, the way that the word "moist" sounds when spoken isn't the main reason why people find the word disgusting. In actuality, the phrase repels people because it falls under the phenomenon of "word aversion," which is when an inoffensive word sounds unappealing (per Slate). "Moist" is found to be especially repelling when associated with bodily functions. The images it conjures up aren't great, but when associated with cooking and baking, the word is somewhat more bearable. 

"The Great British Bake Off" judge Paul Hollywood pushes the boundaries on how much the audience can take when it comes to the word "moist," though, since he seems to bring it up more often than necessary. Moreover, he seems to enjoy having the word as part of his judging vernacular. Recently, while throwing shade at his "GBBO" costars, Hollywood garnered a reputation as a bit of a divisive figure. And apparently, his use of the word "moist" may factor into that divisiveness intentionally.

Hollywood's new tradition irks some

According to HuffPost, the seemingly harsh Paul Hollywood has apparently made it a personal challenge to use the word "moist" in every episode of "The Great British Baking Show" after a fan complained about the way the judge says it on the series. In an interview with The Mirror, Hollywood explained that "They said it was an inappropriate word but I think it is a great word. I have made sure that I now say it in every show." The British baker also acknowledged that his "GBBO" personality is divisive like "marmite," which often causes conflict between those who enjoy the savory spread and those who don't. However, Hollywood has really leaned into his devious reputation by uttering one of the most hated words on one of the most beloved baking competition shows, which feels pretty dubious to us. 

In future viewings of "GBBO," make a game of the occasion and take a drink every time Hollywood utters the word "moist," and after a few episodes, you might not even notice it. While viewers can expect to find the 56-year-old stating the word loudly for many episodes to come, there's an iconic "GBBO" tradition that Hollywood might be retiring soon: His infamous handshake.