Why Fans Think Doja Cat's New Brand Is Majorly Inspired By Dunkin'

From McDonald's iconic golden arches to Starbucks' well-known siren mascot, some brands are so recognizable that fans don't even need to read a sign on the highway to know what chain it's advertising. And Dunkin' is surely a member of the most identifiable logos. The coffee and donut slinging company has lured so many Americans into taking a bite into breakfast for lunch with its orange and purple letters that Senator Bernie Sanders even parodied it. But Twitter thinks that Sanders isn't the only public figure taking influence from the Dunkin' brand.

When singer and songwriter Doja Cat recently took to Twitter to announce her clothing line, "its giving," the newly launched merch collection had Twitter users feeling some serious deja vu. The star's post consists of a pretty standard promotional video featuring a sound bite from the singer while the words "It was supposed to give but it did not give what needed to be gave to the highest of giving" flashes across the screen. However, it's the colors and font of the video that has Twitter asking questions.

Twitter thinks Doja Cat's new brand runs on Dunkin'

When you're hoping to grab a donut from Dunkin', you know exactly what colored sign to be on the lookout for. The words in Doja Cat's video were written out in bulky white and glittery purple letters against a deep orange background — which Twitter users instantly identified with trying to grab an iced coffee at a favorite donut spot. One user posted, "I thought this was a Dunkin' collab." Another wrote, "Girl I thought this was dunkin."

The actual collection, which can be found on the brand's website, also features the same Dunkin'-esque bulky letters and orange, white, and purple colors. But Doja Cat's own flair has been added to the brand. Images of cats, dark green and blue apparel, and hats donning "I (heart) its giving" are offered in the brand's lineup.

However, "its giving" and Dunkin's brands still undoubtedly have a striking color and font resemblance, and the idea of Doja Cat taking notes on a fast food chain's look is far from outlandish. If there's one thing the superstar is known for, it's her love of food. After all, Doja Cat has been credited with calling out Taco Bell on Twitter to contribute to the effort to bring back the chain's Mexican pizza. But despite looking like she took direct inspo from the company, POP BUZZ reports neither Doja Cat nor Dunkin' has commented about the "its giving" collection's appearance.