Are You Brave Enough To Try The New Oscar Meyer 'Cold Dog?'

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Hot dogs are an American staple that can be eaten plain or decked out with endless toppings. Some people engage in arguments about whether a hot dog is considered a sandwich, while others debate whether ketchup truly belongs on a hotdog. Even with these debates, it's safe to say that most people would stick to eating hot dogs for lunch or dinner meals.

Oscar Mayer, a purveyor of hot dogs and lunch meat, has a history of serving up foods in interesting and unusual ways. In January 2022, Oscar Mayer released a bologna face mask. The hydrogel face mask luckily did not smell or taste like the lunchmeat but did bear an eery resemblance to pink bologna. Although the product was clearly a gimmick, it did remind customers to eat real bologna and not the sheet mask. The mask was sold on Amazon for a limited time.

The bologna face mask just mimicked a slice of bologna, but Oscar Mayer's newest creation from its hot dogs takes it to a whole new level.

Hot dog popsicles are now a reality

Oscar Mayer launched its new creation — the "Cold Dog." Just like it sounds, the Cold Dog is a hot dog-flavored popsicle. Oscar Mayer partnered with Popbar to create the interesting new dessert. Popbar is a dessert company known for high-quality gelato on a stick. The hot dog-flavored popsicle wouldn't be complete without a swirl of yellow mustard on top.

The new creation is available thanks to Oscar Mayer's "Stupid or Genius" campaign. The campaign asked people to pitch ideas on non-traditional ways to enjoy a hot dog without using the grill (via Business Wire). The social media response was quite divided, with comments ranging from, "Yes this is genius!" to "Nobody want that." With thousands of positive responses, it seems the Cold Dog is getting a shot.

Business Wire reports that the Cold Dog will be served at Popbar locations in Long Beach, New York City, Alpharetta-Atlanta, and New Orleans, but only for a short time. The popsicles are sold for only $2 for anyone brave enough to try it. The infamous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is celebrating the popsicle's release by decorating it with icicle-themed decorations and "frozen" frosted windows.