What You Need To Know About Walmart's New Rewards Program

Walmart is having a bit of a tough time right now. With food prices running higher than they have in over 40 years, everyone's looking for ways to shave a few dollars off their grocery bill (via NBC News). Historically, this would have been a good thing for Walmart, as the chain has historically flourished during times of inflation (as per Progressive Grocer). However, that has changed for Walmart during this inflation cycle. 

The real reason budget shoppers are steering clear of Walmart is that they've been able to find competitive or even better prices at stores that rely more heavily on consumable goods like Aldi, Trader Joe's, and Dollar General, according to The Wall Street Journal. But, with shoppers all looking desperately for a way to curb their ever-inflating grocery bills, Walmart may have found a way to win back some of those shoppers. That is, if they can convince the dwindling foot traffic to become members of their Walmart+ program.

Walmart+'s tech-heavy new rewards program

If you're a Walmart+ member, you may finally be seeing a little relief in your grocery bill soon. But, Walmart is going to make you work for it. With their confusing new digital coupon service, Walmart Rewards, the mega-chain is hoping to lure back shoppers by giving them money ... Walmart Rewards money, that is. If you can get past the red tape and confusing rules, the program actually seems like it could be fun for couponers. The program appears to be easier to use online, although you have to select the "add reward" option under each eligible item every time you add a product to your basket, to earn your rewards.

The new Walmart Rewards program allows eligible Walmart+ members to earn and redeem rewards dollars on a selection of goods from all departments except (among other categories) liquor and tobacco, lottery tickets, firearms and munitions, and prescriptions (via Walmart). The rewards received are actual dollars that you can have applied to your bill at checkout once you've earned them (by paying for them during a previous sale, of course). 

To earn rewards in-store, members must log in to the app and either have previously added the item reward to their account or scan a code next to the item in store. Then at checkout, you have to scan and select the Walmart Pay QR code to be able to earn your rewards on those purchases. You also redeem them using Walmart Pay at checkout, if purchasing in-store. Following all this? If your answer is "no," hopefully you're not one of the select Walmart+ members who will be test-driving the new program.