The Time Selena Gomez Was On The Rachael Ray Show

Though many know Selena Gomez for her acting or singing career, some may be familiar with her HBO Max show "Selena + Chef," which returned for its fourth season. Gomez has a different master chef cook alongside her in each episode. "I've always been very vocal about my love of food. I think I've been asked hundreds of times in interviews if I had another career, what would I do and I've answered that it would be fun to be a chef," she revealed in a Warner Media press release. Gomez said she doesn't have formal culinary training and would love to learn more. So it's probably beneficial to have celebrity chefs on the show.

Season 4 of "Selena + Chef" kicked off on August 18 (via People). The fourth episode featured the renowned Rachael Ray, who fans may know best as the host of the eponymously titled "Rachael Ray Show" and Food Network's "30 Minute Meals." It's actually not the first time she and Gomez have shared a screen together, and Ray posted on Twitter to prove it.

Rachael Ray claimed Selena Gomez was smarter than her

Rachael Ray shared a gem from the past on August 25. In a Twitter post, she wrote, "#TBT to when @selenagomez was on @RachaelRayShow. 13 years later, we meet AGAIN on #SelenaAndChef Season 4!!" A video showed Ray asking Selena Gomez which superpower she would choose if it were possible. "I would love to actually rewind time," Gomez said. She thought it would be a nice power to have when she messed up. "You can just rewind time and just do it all over again," she explained. The video clip ended with Ray claiming Gomez was "16 and smarter than [her]." But it was Ray that used the power of Twitter to "rewind time" and relive that moment.

At the age of 16, Selena Gomez was starring as Alex Russo on Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place," per Biography. Gomez, who has a net worth of $95 million (via Celebrity Net Worth), claimed being a child star isn't really worth it. In a 2017 interview with InStyle (via Yahoo! Life), she said of her teenage fame, "I think it is really dysfunctional to be in this industry at a young age where you're figuring out who you are. I don't recommend it," she said. Would she rewind time and do it all differently? Maybe Ray can ask her in 13 years.