Duff Goldman Stunned Twitter With A Lifelike Pixar Cake

Duff Goldman is known as the Ace of Cakes for very good reason and he showed off his skills, proving the merits of that title once again. It's one of Goldman's more whimsical creations that defies belief considering that it's actually a pastry and fans of Pixar's animated movies will find this cake extra sweet.

Goldman became associated with the "Ace" title by virtue of his role in the titular Food Network series "Ace of Cakes," but his pastry practice goes back even further. One of the things you don't know about Goldman is that he began cooking professionally at just 14 years of age according to Food Network. Since then, his career has blossomed through opening bakeries and showing off his artistic flair via custom cakes and other desserts.

One of Duff's works of art doesn't seem to be bugging anyone on Twitter. In fact, his followers appear to think it's an absolute pillar of pastry perfection.

Bringing Pixar to life

Duff Goldman shared his Cake of the Week on Twitter, which bears the text "Happy Birthday Casey!" The cake itself is made to represent the caterpillar character Heimlich from Pixar's "A Bug's Life" that IMDb says late animator Joe Ranft voiced. Goldman's followers shared their appreciation for his artwork almost immediately.

One user tweeted, "Oooooh! I love it! From one of my childrens [sic] Fav movies" and another stated "I don't think I could cut into it and mess it up. It's a beautiful piece of art!" Another simply expressed, "Wow! Just wow! You are an amazing artist!" This isn't Goldman's first cake inspired by a cartoon character, though. In fact, Goldman expressed he wants to be a character on a particular animated show ("Bob's Burgers").

In August 2022, Goldman turned heads with a cake inspired by an earlier Disney animated classic, "Alice in Wonderland." A gallery on Charm City Cakes' website reveals baked creations related to Archie Comics, DC Comics' Harley Quinn, and The Smurfs. There's no telling what character Goldman might take on next to wow both his customers and social media followers. However, the pastry titan's combination of expert baking skills and artistic talents will likely make it a stunner.