Duff Goldman Wants To Be A Character On This Cartoon Show

Duff Goldman is known for his incredible cake skills. The former "Ace of Cakes" star has created some of the most impressive cakes, and his replica of Hogwarts from the "Harry Potter" films borders on the phantasmic (via Today). However, that feat of wizardry is not the cake he is most proud of. Goldman gives that distinction to a life-size, functioning R2-D2 cake he created for "Star Wars" creator George Lucas. But there is so much more to this celeb baker than meets the eye. Goldman was actually hoping to be a rock star when he first started out, and making cakes was just a way to make rent in between gigs. 

Since his rise to culinary fame, Goldman has written cookbooks, been a "culinary diplomat for the State Department" (via the Baltimore Sun), and even did some voice work for the animated series, "King of the Hill." On Twitter, Goldman described himself as "the voice of a dumb meat cutting jock" in an episode titled "To Sirloin with Love" And as one fan observed, the plot involved the character Bobby "[learning] to grade meat." After getting a taste of the cartoon world, Goldman shared that he wants to further explore voice acting on an animated show – but not just any show. Goldman said that he would like to be offered a part in a food-themed animated sitcom on Fox, and Twitter thinks he is ready for his cartoon close-up.

He likes the animated sitcom Bob's Burgers

After sharing with his Twitter followers that he had a stint on "King of the Hill, Duff Goldman followed up his voice work resume with a little bit of not-so-subtle campaigning. The cake ace tweeted, "Maybe @BobsBurgersFOX has a part for me, too?" If you are unfamiliar with this show, per IMDb, the Fox animated series follows Bob Belcher and his family as they run a burger shop. Goldman's fans on social media seem to think it's a perfect time for this collab. One admirer wrote, "That would be awesome!!" Another supporter of the idea, suggested "a series of Bobby v Duff, perhaps a burger naming contest."

Of course, this is not the first time Goldman has expressed his love for this show. Earlier this month he tweeted, "Bob's Burgers might be the best show on television. Tweet author included. @BobsBurgersFOX." This opinion spawned an appreciative post from Simon Chong, a supervising director on "Bob's Burgers," who gushed about watching Goldman on television. Chong wrote, "Glad you enjoy, Duff ^_^ I can't tell you how many times I've watched Ace of Cakes!"  This definitely sounds like a collaboration that people would like to see, especially Duff Goldman.