The Viral Breakfast Drink TikTok Hates To Love

Trends, tips, hacks, and everything in between spread like wildfire on TikTok, and that's exactly what happened with TikTok user @bundaddy when she implored her audience to try mixing two very different drinks together. Posted on March 1, 2022, her confident suggestion was met with all kinds of reactions, but most TikTokers were baffled by just how well this bizarre concoction worked. Each separate drink has an entirely different flavor profile that feels like an unholy union that will surely taste bad. But the internet is taking this surprisingly good drink and running with it.

The mixture has been circulating around coffee houses in Phoenix, Arizona for years, appearing as early as 2011 (via My Recipes). The complex and weirdly good flavor combination that the specialty drink melds together has attracted a proper cult following, especially since the internet has gone crazy over it. What are the two drinks that create this oddly pleasant sensation?

The answer is OJ and espresso

If you've ever wandered into an Italian coffee shop, you may have been served a piping cup of joe with orange slices on the side and thought, "Well, that's a choice." The natural sugar in oranges actually balances out the bitter taste that is found in brewed coffee (per Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters). This is why combining a tall glass of ice-cold orange juice with a shot of espresso is taking coffee shops around the country by storm. "You can either use espresso coffee, cold brew coffee concentrate, or another brewing method that makes a strong, intense brew similar to espresso," suggests Fluent in Coffee. Using 4 oz. of espresso is the standard amount to add to your OJ, creating an interesting ombre effect of chocolaty brown and bright orange when mixed together.

On TikTok, comedic barista user @thecoffeesnob, stitched the popular video, accepting the viral challenge to try such an odd combo for himself. He first recounted an unpleasant experience he once had with a mixture like this in the past before giving it a proper go. After dumping the espresso shot into the OJ and taking a brave swig, he sets the glass down and stares wide-eyed into the camera, letting out a heavy sigh. Admitting to actually liking it, he announces in defeat, "My life is a lie."