Instagram Just Got A Sneak Peek Of Trader Joe's Fall Items

There are two schools of thought when it comes to transitioning from summer to fall: Start filling your house with Halloween decor and rocking chunky sweaters the second the temperature hits below 75 degrees, or stay firmly cemented in that summer state of mind until the official changing of seasons takes place on September 22 (via Brittanica). 

Now, we're not here to judge you on whichever side of the scale you fall on. It's perfectly acceptable to sip on an iced pumpkin spice latte by the pool if you don't want to commit to either team during those first few seasonally awkward weeks of September. At the same time, though, it's hard to remember that it's still summer thanks to the early release of autumnal goodies at restaurants and grocery stores — even more so now that customers know about all the newness coming to Trader Joe's this fall.

A recent Instagram post shared by food blogger @markie_devo lists nearly 20 new items said to be hitting TJ's as early as next week, asking shoppers for their thoughts in the comments. Clearly, they're excited for pretty much everything.

Trader Joes' new fall items are expected to hit shelves on September 5

While many grocery stores are clearing summer goodies out of their aisles in favor of all things fall, Trader Joe's seems to be trying to appeal to fans of both seasons. Just last week, the chain introduced a fruity new ice cream with a warm weather vibe, but it will soon be joined by some all-new fall fare.

Instagrammer @markie_devo's preview of the chain's upcoming fall lineup lists several sweet treats, including gluten-free pumpkin streusel muffins, caramel apple mochi ice cream, and pumpkin cheesecake croissants, as well as a few savory goodies like pumpkin gnocchi and Brussels sprouts and bacon ravioli. Additionally, shoppers will also find a new vanilla-pumpkin hand soap and lotion duo at TJ's this fall.

Though not much is known about the grocer's upcoming fall lineup, shoppers are still giddy with anticipation over what's to come. "Uhhh cinnamon roll blondie bar mix?! Yes please," Instagram user @susankbryant commented on @traderjoeslist's repost of the preview. "I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE GF MUFFINS," quipped another fan, while a third shopper said "the Brussels sprouts and bacon ravioli is something I NEED in my life." The wait to try these new items shouldn't be too much longer. Per @markie_devo, the first few items in TJ's fall lineup are expected to drop on September 5, with more being added on September 7 and 12.