The Donut That Dunkin' Customers Seriously Miss

It's obviously easier said than done, but entering a bottomless pit of despair after experiencing heartbreak is something that can potentially be avoided. According to Greatist, connecting with others, openly expressing emotions, and generally exercising good self-care are all ways to effectively deal with sadness.

Perhaps these methods would help to soothe the intense despair being suffered by lovers of a Dunkin' donut. Fans of the French cruller donut — described by Dunkin' as having a crunchy exterior with a wet center flavored lightly of egg — have taken to Reddit to share their horror at the donut's apparently undeserved demise.

In a post titled "I miss the French cruller so much", a Redditor explained how they call their local Dunkin' stores once or twice a month asking if they have the French cruller in stock, as well as stopping by the store to ask. Their plan is to make Dunkin' fully aware that "the demand is here", and they urge others: "Don't let the spark go out. Don't let it die."

Redditors are sharing tips on where French crullers can be found, and explaining why they think the donuts are in short supply.

People are revealing where you can buy Dunkin's French cruller donut

One commenter on the Reddit post reveals they were told that Dunkin's French cruller donut had been discontinued, while a different Redditor argues that supermarket donuts are better anyway. Another user is critical of pestering Dunkin' employees though, calling it a "Karen thing to do."

Several Redditors explain that the struggle to find French crullers may be down to issues with supplying key ingredients, such as dough and eggs. But plenty of others say that the adored donut is available at some Dunkin' stores. Indeed, the original poster has confirmed that the donut has returned to their local store.

The issue is certainly not a new one. As far back as 2012, The Boston Globe reported concerns that Dunkin's French crullers had become increasingly hard to find. It was discovered that the French cruller's scarcity was down to whether or not individual franchisees chose to stock it, and that Dunkin' stores record the number of unsold donuts leftover every day — suggesting that if the French cruller has poor sales, franchisees could axe it.