Fans Are Split On Mountain Dew's 2022 Mystery Flavor

The flavor of Mountain Dew is so different from other sodas that outside of the generic adjectives of sweet and citrusy, its taste can be difficult to put into words. It's one of those things that you have to taste for yourself to understand why it has such a cult following. Some Mountain Dew flavors feature a fruit on the label to give you a clue about what it tastes like, but anyone who's had the 'Dew can attest that it contains a small hint of fruity flavor and a whole lot of mystery.

In 2019, the brand decided to embrace the mystery and came out with its first VooDEW flavor (via Twitter). The day before Halloween, the brand revealed that the opaque mystery soda was flavored with a fall favorite: candy corn. The following year, the drink's mystery flavor was "fruit candy explosion" and 2021's flavor was "fruit chew candy" (per Fandom). This year, Mountain Dew fans have a wide range of guesses, but many are suspicious that it will be inspired by a popular candy once again.

Many different guesses on Mountain Dew's mystery flavor

Mountain Dew's yearly release of a mystery "VooDew" flavor around Halloween is a smart marketing move, sparking a lot of discussion on social media. The brand posted a teaser about this year's flavor on Instagram, and some fans have already gotten their hands on a bottle. YouTuber PapiEats taste-tested the new flavor and thought it tasted like Sour Patch Kids at first, then changed their answer to Nerds (per YouTube). One Twitter user agreed that it tasted like Sour Patch Kids, while another person Tweeted a different candy possibility: "Mountain Dew is the new voodew flavour air heads yes or no." 

Other Mountain Dew fans on social media guessed more generic flavors, like "lemon and blue raspberry" and "citrus cherry." Whatever the mystery flavor is, YouTuber Chris Frezza noted on PapiEats' video that it is one of their favorite VooDew flavors of all time and, "Sooo nice and sweet and delicious." If you haven't seen Mountain Dew's new mystery flavor in your store yet, don't panic, it will most likely come out closer to Halloween as the other editions did (via Twitter).