The Type Of Ice Cream Michael Symon Swears By

Summertime is for trips to the beach or lake, barbecues with friends and family, and ice cream. The weather is never too cold and your belly never too full to say no to ice cream year-round — but in the warmer months, the treat feels like less of a splurge and more of a necessity to beat the heat, especially as cities break heat records around the globe (via NPR).

These days, there's a surprisingly long list of factors to consider when picking up ice cream, from where to get it to what ingredients you're craving. While fairs and ice cream trucks often sell soft serve or custard, ice cream shops and supermarkets are likely to have hard-packed ice cream. Though the dessert is traditionally made with cow's milk, the world's dairy allergies and diet preferences mean that it's now available with alternative milk or fruit bases, such as the vegan-friendly avocado ice cream Tom Brady loves. When it comes to mix-ins, we are well beyond the days of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Plenty of strange ice cream flavors on the market mean you can enjoy your cone while exploring the tastes of wasabi, mac and cheese, and even Idaho potatoes.

Considering all these choices, finding out what type of ice cream people enjoy is like getting a peak into who they are. Chef Michael Symon recently shared his favorite, letting fans get to know him better. 

Soft serve ice cream is Symon's go-to

In an apparently random act of sharing, as many do on Twitter, Symon professed his long love of soft-serve ice cream to his more than 690,000 followers. His declaration read, "Soft serve custard all day for me .. loved it as a kid .. love it now .. don't get me wrong .. I love all ice cream ..but homemade soft serve ..damn." Symon quickly added that he favors warm chocolate chip cookies as much.

Often used interchangeably, soft serve ice cream and custard are made differently. While both frozen treats contain milk, cream, and sugar, custard must contain 1.4% pasteurized egg yolk, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Some ice cream recipes do include egg yolks since the addition is a natural emulsifier, giving the dessert an extra creamy texture without fancy machinery. Soft serve ice cream also differs for its milk fat content (lower than regular ice cream) and air content (higher, resulting in a more "whipped" consistency), per Inverse.

Although made differently in different countries, ice cream is enjoyed around the world. Italy has gelato, a denser, more decadent version of ice cream with less butterfat. Japan has mochi, or golf ball-sized ice cream surrounded by sticky rice dough. Lucky for Americans, most international treats can be found in the States, allowing them, like Symon, to make an informed decision about their favorite type of ice cream. From there, all that's left to decide is: cone or dish? Sugar cone or waffle cone? One scoop or two? And don't forget the sprinkles.