Doritos Just Dropped A Major Hint About The Return Of An Interesting Flavor

Have you ever found yourself kicking back in your recliner, a bag of Doritos nestled beside you, eating as if you were some predatory animal in their den, filling up for the long winter? As you sit there, snacking on some Nacho Cheese-dusted chips, you'd probably be surprised to feel your mouth getting hotter, your tongue suddenly starting to tingle with the familiar sensation of spice. "That's strange," you wonder. "Nacho Cheese Doritos aren't hot." While that may be true, Doritos' "Roulette" flavor stands out among other Doritos flavors by giving customers a fiery surprise in each bag.

According to a Frito-Lay press release from when the short-lived chips first dropped in the U.S. in 2015, Doritos Roulette is a bag of your average Nacho Cheese-flavored chips — but with a handful of extra hot chips tossed throughout. Since all the chips look exactly alike, you can only know which ones are cheesy and which are super hot by tasting them. (Perfect for livening things up at a quiet family gathering, we're sure.) While the idea of playing "hot or not" with one's food isn't an entirely new concept — take randomly mild or spicy shishito peppers, for example — Doritos Roulette certainly makes the chip-eating experience more active than passive. While Doritos Roulette finally came back briefly last year after a hiatus, it now seems they'll be returning nationwide for the 2022 season. 

Doritos Roulette may be coming back in Cool Ranch

According to a cryptically short tweet posted by Doritos on August 29, the next Roulette flavor will likely focus on Cool Ranch rather than Nacho Cheese. The brief video showcases a blue bag of what appears to be Cool Ranch Doritos, surrounded by a triangle of flames and the phrases "Maybe Hot" and "Maybe Not." How will they taste?

The Impulsive Buy was able to snag a bag of Cool Ranch Roulette from Walmart as early as March of this year. They described the chips as being your standard Cool Ranch Doritos, but those that were hot had an "intense and lingering" heat that was felt as soon as they touched your lips. They were not hot enough to cause pain, but certainly enough to pack a sudden, surprising punch of peppery fire. If the chips weren't too hot, then it wouldn't be much of a roulette game, would it? In the end, The Impulsive Buy seemed impressed with the flavor and recommended it to fans of spicy foods.

Doritos Roulette also came under some controversy in 2016 (via FOX News), when a student at a United Kingdom school ate the chips and got sick. Being asthmatic and not expecting the heat, the student struggled to breathe until she was able to soothe the burning with milk. A dangerous game, indeed. Doritos hasn't released any other hints about the potential Cool Ranch flavor as of this writing, but commenters on the tweet seem to be eager for more news.