Jarcuterie Is The Snack Hack You Have To Try, According To Haylie Duff - Exclusive

Actress, food blogger, and working mom Haylie Duff is all about having fun while saving time in the kitchen, especially in the summer, when school is out and the outdoors is calling. We caught up with Duff recently to hear all about what she's cooking up this season, both in and out of the kitchen. Beyond acting, directing her first film, and more, she's also making time to play with her daughters, grill out with the family, and snack her way through summer.

Duff also revealed a creative hack that you definitely need to try next time you want to whip up a veggie tray or a cheese board. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Haylie Duff shared one of her favorite summer snacks: Jarcuterie. It's easy, shareable, and transportable, not to mention Instagram-worthy as well. Plus, it's totally customizable and can be made with any and all of your favorite treats, no matter who's digging in.

Jarcuterie is the perfect simple snack, from play dates to girls' nights

Haylie Duff says, "Jarcuterie is something I started with my kids quite a while ago and has become a popular thing through my Instagram and things like that." That's no surprise in a world of food-filled social media feeds. So what exactly is this snack, and how do you make it? Duff says, "Jarcuterie is whatever it is that you make it. It's a hodgepodge of what you've got in your pantry." Think of it like a charcuterie board, but in small containers, hence the name. "Anything that you can stuff into that little jar, that is your Jarcuterie," adds Duff.  

She's mostly making them for her kids, adding their favorites, like "salami, cheese, mini pickles, little breadsticks or crackers, or grapes." But Jarcuterie can be customized for any occasion, from picnics, to movie night. "If I make them for my girlfriends, I'll put things like truffle honey in the bottom of them or a big spoonful of fig jam," says Duff. Whatever your heart (and stomach) desires, the possibilities are endless: "You can dress them up and take them out, or you can keep them down and dirty."

You don't need to spend a lot of time packing together these simple snacks, unless you just feel like going the extra mile. "If I'm making them for girlfriends for a wine night, I'll spend a little bit longer. But if I'm making them for my kids for an on-the-go play date, I tend to jam it in there and roll out," says Duff. 

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