The Disturbing Item One Woman Found In Her Zaxby's Order Left TikTok Stunned

When it comes to fast food chicken, you hear lots of things. Most of it is public relations stuff, the kind of things you'd expect fast-food companies to say to look good. How many times have you heard "We use 100% white meat chicken" or "All-natural breast meat" before? We aren't accusing anyone of illegal or unsavory activity, nor do we claim that the chicken these companies sell is anything but chicken, lest we get involved in another discussion on the so-called "pink slime" urban legend (via CNBC).

There have been times, however, when customers have discovered more than just chicken wings and drumsticks in their meals. One woman in the United Kingdom discovered an intact, deep-fried head of a rooster inside her box of KFC (via Firstpost) — a discovery that showed her chicken was indeed real, just not in the way she might have wanted. According to Snopes, a woman in Harlem, New York, allegedly discovered the fried remains of a rodent nestled inside her box of Popeyes' chicken. The claim of whether it's a hoax ior not is up for debate, but it's still a disturbing image to consider. Whether or not it was the fault of these restaurants, the idea of opening your bucket or box of chicken to discover anything but drumsticks and thighs is deeply concerning.

For one woman, her trip to Zaxby's didn't involve eating the remains of an animal (aside from, you know, the chicken) but instead involved something far less edible.

She found deep-fried paper in her box of chicken

"They literally fried f****** paper." This was the blunt, dumbfounded statement made by TikTok user @jenaimeints as she looked through her box of Zaxby's chicken tenders. In the video, she takes what seems to be a normal chicken tender and breaks it in half, revealing it to be nothing more than breaded and fried wax paper. She astutely notes that Zaxby's is "not about to like me" for posting this video. Comments on the video seemed to be taking it in good humor. "Someone hates recycling, reducing and reusing," wrote one user. "That's them plant based strips," said another. "Raising Canes would never do you like this," claimed another TikToker.

In a follow-up video, @jenaimeints explained that Zaxby's operators did indeed send her a refund and a replacement meal to make up for the mistake, but she were still upset that action had not been taken sooner and only occurred after she had posted a video about it. 

Customers getting fried kitchenware seems to have happened before, as some commenters recall a "fried towel" at Philippine-based restaurant chain Jollibee. Newsweek reports that in June 2021, a woman discovered that her fried chicken was nothing more than a battered and fried hand towel. 

While Zaxby's hasn't made any public comments about the matter, we can assume that it was simply a mistake caused by an inattentive employee, or maybe paper fell into the fryer during preparation, resulting in an extra-crispy error.