TikTokers Can't Get Enough Of Whole Foods' Berry Chantilly Treats

With the ongoing prediction of the rise in food prices across America, where you buy your groceries matters. And plenty of customers, "whole paycheck" jokes aside, choose Whole Foods as their go-to food store. Social media, and TikTok in particular, have become avenues for consumers to share their favorite products (and vent about rising food costs).

Considering Whole Foods was ranked one of the most expensive grocery stores in 2019, TikTokers are quick to share $2,000 shopping sprees and parodies comparing the high-priced grocer to Walmart.

Apart from cost comparisons, social media users also reveal their favorite food items from the health-infused grocery store. For instance, TikToker @devwindsor's "things you must get from Whole Foods" video, which included dairy-free milk alternatives and healthy snack favorites, received more than 20,000 likes in 2020. The "must-buy" videos keep flowing, and an oyster deal blew up on TikTok that had users eager to try the raw catch. Besides favorited convenience foods and oyster deals, there's a new seasonal dessert that's also been garnering a lot of internet buzz.

The social media craze over Whole Foods' seasonal dessert offerings

While there may be opinions on what you should and shouldn't buy at Whole Foods, the store's Berry Chantilly Treats are categorized as "should buy" items if you're taking advice from TikTok users. When the Berry Chantilly Cake was announced on the Whole Foods Instagram page in July, users went wild. But an eight-inch cake will set you back $40 (perĀ Whole Foods Market), so it's not exactly an everyday treat. After fans started making homemade versions on TikTok, claiming the Berry Chantilly treat is the "cake of the millennium," Whole Foods decided to expand the reach of its popular dessert and create a dairy-free ice cream with the same flavor profile.

Whole Foods may have been late to the TikTok game, but among its small number of videos uploaded since mid-June, the Berry Chantilly non-dairy ice cream reveal has received the most views. One TikTok user replied, "seriously the best ice cream flavor I've ever had," while another stated even though they don't ascribe to a dairy or gluten-free diet, they'll be "adding the ice cream to their list."

Whole Foods has since added new videos to its TikTok, including a first glance inside a new wheel of Parmesan cheese. The Berry Chantilly cake and ice cream are still available, but as far as seasonal viral items debuting this autumn, only time will tell.