Guy Fieri's Late Late Show Appearance Has The Internet Seeing Triple

Out of all the celebrity chefs out there, Guy Fieri might just have the most recognizable personal style. From the frosted tips down to the bowling shirt with flames on it, you can spot him, or someone dressed like him, from a mile away. Dressing like the Mayor of Flavortown has become popular among bachelorette parties and even made an appearance on RushTok this year. One TikTok that showed the duality of a typical Nashville bachelorette party versus a Flavortown bachelorette garnered over 1 million likes.

Fellow foodie Chrissy Teigen donned the Fieri uniform on Halloween in 2015 and the resemblance was uncanny (via Instagram). Not only is the costume hilarious and instantly recognizable, but it's really easy to put together. Amazon sells a "Celebrity Chef Wig and Goatee combo," or you can buy the wig, shirt, and sunglasses separately. The shirt with flames on it is what fans most often wear when dressing as Fieri, but he told GQ that he wore that shirt once for a barbecue restaurant opening, and he actually hates it. Luckily for the "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" star, when he went on "The Late Late Show with James Cordon," they playfully imitated a totally different outfit.

James Cordon and Sabrina Carpenter broke out the frosted tips

Wearing the same outfit as someone with a similar personal style is just a coincidence, but if someone is dressed like Guy Fieri, that is no accident. Talk show hosts normally wear a suit, so when Guy Fieri saw that James Cordon was wearing the same outfit as him (a leather jacket, spiky wig, blue shirt, and Fieri's signature shades) he was in disbelief. The show posted footage of the fashion faux pas on Twitter, and Cordon insisted that Fieri should be the one to change.

Cordon then took the bit a step further and had members of his crew come out wearing the same outfit. The grand finale of the scene, though, was when Sabrina Carpenter came out in the Guy Fieri costume and told him he needed to change (via Twitter). "This was pure comedy genius. I never laughed so hard to the point of getting a stomach ache," replied one Twitter user. The Late Late Show also shared the footage on TikTok and one fan described it as "the multiverse of flavortown." Food Network also chimed in and commented: "We'll never get over this."