The Disturbing Reason 15 States Are Recalling Certain Mushrooms

According to Statistica, the average American frequents the grocery store roughly 1.6 times per week. Although food recalls aren't an everyday concern for most shoppers, considering the scariest recalls over recent years may spur you into a cleaning frenzy. While you already have good reason to wash your grocery store produce, you may not be aware of the CDC's recommendation to wash out your entire refrigerator after an item is recalled and properly discarded from your crisper drawer.

But what causes a food recall? outlines the three most common reasons — food allergens, foreign object contamination, and the pollutants associated with harmful organisms. While a recent investigation of FDA findings from The Food Industry Association shows the percentage of recalls slowed in 2019 and 2020 compared to previous years, many recalls were still noted (per FDA). 

If you spend most of your hard-earned dollars on fruits and vegetables, you may not be too interested in the reason behind this year's crabmeat recall. However, there may be a new reason for you to double-check the dried mushrooms you have sitting in your pantry.

The dried mushrooms were recalled on August 29

If you often dabble in the best ways to cook with mushrooms, then you've probably bought a satchel or two of the dried variety to spice up those weeknight meals. While some people may already have a fear of mushrooms, the fear may worsen for certain mushroom skeptics given the recent news. On August 29, the FDA announced a recall for four separate dried mushroom products sold by Tai Phat Wholesalers LLC of Capitol Heights, Maryland. While the specific item numbers are listed on the FDA website, the varieties are under the Three Coins Dried Mushrooms label.

The recall was announced due to potential salmonella contamination, which is passed through polluted drinks, food, or touching an infected animal or environment (per CDC). Salmonella poisoning can cause excessive diarrhea and vomiting (via Mayo Clinic), but there have been no reported cases of illness from the recalled mushrooms.

The recall affects 15 states across the U.S. including Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina, according to the FDA. Three Coins Dried Mushrooms sales have been paused while the company investigates further, yet if you find a recalled package in your home, the FDA suggests returning to the place of purchase for a refund or calling Tai Phat Wholesalers at 703-538-8000.