The Internet's New Best Friend Is Tubby, The Duke's Mayo Mascot

No matter how far into adulthood you have traveled, you're never too old to enjoy a great food mascot. A prime example is M&M's spokescandy team, an ensemble designed to transform the dismal chore of watching a commercial into 30 seconds of fun. These colorful characters have done more for the candy brand than simply entertaining an audience. Insider explains that in 1995, the confection's popularity grew stagnant, and M&M's became just another product in the crowded candy aisle. These mascots with unique personalities catapulted the candy to iconic status with a Super Bowl ad and the unveiling of an M&M's store in Las Vegas.

This brings us to Duke's Mayonnaise and its new mascot. It seems that in recent years the duke of popular mayo brands has been trying to establish itself as the king. In 2020, the Virginia-based mayonnaise producer became the sponsor of Charlotte's "postseason bowl game" (via ESPN). And, after last year's game, coach Shane Beamer of the Gamecocks fulfilled a promise by having 4.5 gallons of mayo poured over him (via Washington Post).

Having embraced the fun of football and mayonnaise baths, it makes sense that the company has also adopted a unique mascot of its very own (emphasis on the word "unique").

Tubby is not your average mascot

Meet "Tubby," the new spokesjar for Duke's mayonnaise. Admittedly he is not your typical mascot, oozing with cuddly cuteness. He instead looks like a saucy blend of Eugene Levy, Sesame Street's Bert, and Red Angry Bird. "Duke's Brand Manager of Mayohem," Rebecca Lupesco, explained in a press release, "We're the rebels in an all too traditional category, and we've given ourselves permission to have some fun with this character who is passionate, curious, and a little unhinged." He is definitely raising eyebrows.

Tubby's Twitter unveiling garnered such comments as "For the 6,457th time lmao," "I think it just overtook Jerry Seinfeld," and "Looks like a Rick & Morty character come to life." However, user @Joe Teeter welcomed him to the "Creepy Mascot Club." Praise flew in as well. Tubby's reveal on Instagram generated many responses, including "I'm delighted and scared" and "Eugene Levy in a jar form. We love you." One person thought it looked like their dad. User sam_of_most_trades declared, "I want to wake up to your beautiful creamy white face every day." It is important to point out that his name was selected by fans after Tubby, himself, asked the public to give him a moniker (via Facebook). 

What can people expect from the mayo mascot? Duke's Brand Manager enthused in the press release, "Tubby is bold and not afraid to express himself." But we'll have to wait and see what that means.