The Crispy Cheddar Egg Hack Reddit Wants To Use Every Morning

You know the drill: you hit snooze for the third time, wake up late, and now you're scrambling (literally) to get a half-decent meal into your stomach before another long workday begins. If you typically choose eggs as your go-to breakfast then you're already aware that with roughly 6 grams of protein, they're the perfect nutrient powerhouse to fuel your body. But how do you streamline the cooking process?

Lo and behold, the internet is a wonderful resource full of all kinds of egg-related hacks to increase your efficiency in the kitchen while also encouraging you to try new recipes. One user on TikTok not only shows you how to fry an egg on a paper plate but one Instagrammer blows minds by showing her unique method of making no-peel hard-boiled eggs.

Reddit specifically has a special community for egg lovers and this respective protein-loving subreddit has over 30 thousand members. You're right to assume some of the information shared is less than mind-blowing, but there are select posts worthy of your attention. For example, one user posted their ingenious method for deshelling hard-boiled eggs with a metal spoon. However, there's another post you may want to stop scrolling for and it includes not just your beloved eggs, but a remarkable cheddar cheese addition.

One Redditor's method of cooking crispy cheddar eggs

While there are quite a few mistakes you can make when frying eggs, what could go wrong when you add cheese? A few weeks ago one Reddit user shared their method of affixing a layer of crispy cheese to one side. In the Reddit post, the user divides the process into four distinct steps. You first add broken cheddar to a hot pan, crack your adds on top, and let the pan's contents cook undisturbed. The final step is flipping the egg mixture which reveals a crispy layer of cheese on one side.

Redditors agree; this ingenious way to spice up your everyday fried eggs is one they need to try. One user states, "I'm going to try this now!" while another claims this method as their everyday breakfast with the addition of gravy and a piece of "overly buttered blackened toast." One user comments that the breakfast looks "overcooked" but the original poster promises it's just the cheese.

The poster adds detailed recipe instructions in the comments, but you can also find their original recipe on Food52. There are a plethora of ways to take your eggs to the next level, but according to the r/eggs Reddit community, this is one recipe they're willing to try.