Krispy Kreme's Latest Collection Puts A Twist On Its Classic Flavors

If a group of Krispy Kreme fans were banished to a deserted island and forced to choose only one donut flavor to eat for the rest of their days, we have no doubt that many of them would hitch their wagon to the original glazed ring. But the chain is no one-trick pony. An assorted box of a dozen donuts from the purveyor could contain anything from apple fritters to dulce de leche to powdered cinnamon cake, just to name a few (per Krispy Kreme).

What's more, each new season brings limited-run lineups of sweets to Krispy Kreme cases around the country. This summer, we tried the chain's ice-cream-inspired donuts in flavors that took cues from creamsicles and vanilla King cones. More recently, we jumped into fall by tucking into the chain's new pumpkin spice contenders. And this week, the chain announced an even fresher spate of fried-dough creations inspired by a classic Mexican treat. 

Donuts meet churros in Krispy Kreme's ChurrDough Collection

Krispy Kreme's original glazed donut gets a cinnamon-sugar twist in three new flavors inspired by churros, per a press release. As of this week, participating stores nationwide will sling the "light and airy, cinnamon-y, caramel-y, creamy, sugary" ChurrDoughs Collection for a limited time. Each flavor is coated in cinnamon sugar at the base and includes different toppings. 

There's the cinnamon sugar topped with swirls of the brand's cinnamon glaze and salty-sweet bits of caramel crunch. The second option is the Cookies & Kreme, adorned with chocolate cookie Kreme glaze, chocolate cookie pieces, and chocolate icing. If you need something sweeter, dig into the new dulce de leche flavor that honors the warm flavors of the caramel variety with swirls of cream cheese icing and a dulce de leche drizzle, plus cookie bits. Per a post on Krispy Kreme's Instagram, fans can score the new flavors at their nearest shop through Sept. 18.