José Andrés Revealed An Exciting New Project On Social Media

It seems like chef José Andrés is always on the road — his Passport must be well-worn, full of stamps, and require extra pages. He and World Central Kitchen, the humanitarian aid organization he founded, traveled to Haiti in 2010 after a powerful earthquake left the island nation in ruins. And Andrés was on the front lines of the relief effort in Ukraine following the invasion by Russian troops in late February (per USA Today).

More recently, the relief teams of World Central Kitchen have been providing cooling stations, showers, and comforting meals for those evacuated as a result of the Mill Fire in California (via Instagram). The organization also responded to the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi by supplying residents with clean water for drinking and cooking, and responded to deadly flooding in Pakistan by setting up field kitchens to serve those impacted and displaced.

Earlier this year, Andrés introduced a Substack newsletter as a way to stay in touch, share stories, and unite "people of the world who cook and eat together” (per Twitter). A podcast to complement "Longer Tables with José Andrés" dropped this week. "It's a show that will change the way you see, think about, and even hear, food,” Andrés shared excitedly in an Instagram post.

We're all ears for the new podcast by chef José Andrés

You might find yourself saying: There are so many food-driven and chef-driven podcasts out there, from "The Splendid Table" to "The Sporkful" to "The Kitchen Sisters" (per Bon Appétit) — do I really need another one? According to the World Central Kitchen founder, the answer is yes. "Longer Tables is going to help you cook better, make you laugh, and show you a new side of some of the most fascinating people on the planet,” José Andrés said on Instagram. "I hope you'll subscribe.”

The preview clip shows the Spanish-born, globe-trotting chef toasting pasta in a pan before dropping it in boiling water and giving a shout-out to several of his chat-worthy guests, including politician and lawyer Stacey Abrams, and Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard, who made a documentary about Andrés and World Central Kitchen called "We Feed People” (per USA Today) and who channels his affection for graham crackers topped with white icing.

The first guest on the 33-minute-long first episode of the podcast is restaurateur, author, and TV personality Eric Ripert. The chef also bangs out a recipe he says can be made in 10 minutes or less: squid ink pasta with mussels. You can listen to the podcast on José Andrés' website or anywhere else you get podcasts.