The Grateful Dead's Official Wine Is Finally Available

If you ever talk to anyone who loves the Grateful Dead, you'll know they have some pretty fond memories of the band, including the first time they ever heard their music or the first time they ever saw them in concert. Of course, they may also remember being in a certain state of "inebriation" while listening to them (it was the 1970s, after all). While you may think that food and the Grateful Dead only go hand-in-hand if you're listening to Terrapin Station and have a wicked case of the munchies, you may be surprised to learn that there's actually a decent selection of snacks and drinks out there designed for the Deadhead in you.

Chicago-based chocolate maker Vosges Haut-Chocolat has a modest collection of chocolates inspired by the Grateful Dead, ranging from chocolate bars to a collection of truffles inspired by a "favorite Grateful Dead album or show." There's also a line of edibles inspired by the Dead's late singer Jerry Garcia, according to Rolling Stone, created by Garcia's family in collaboration with cannabis operator Holistic Industries. There's a little something for every member of the family, it seems.

Now, it looks like folks looking to enjoy the Dead with some spirits can have their thirst quenched with a new Grateful Dead wine. But how exactly can you get this wine? How much does it cost? And what makes it inspired by the Grateful Dead to begin with?

The Grateful Dead is produced by Gnarly Head

According to Food & Wine, the Grateful Dead's official wine is being produced by California-based wine producer Gnarly Head. The release includes two types of wine: an "Old Vine Zinfandel" and a "California Cabernet Sauvignon." The Zinfandel is noted as having a profile of blackberry, plum, and "toasted oak" while the Cabernet is said to have a profile of black cherry, blackberry, peppercorn, and "charred oak." Both bottles are decorated with classic Grateful Dead skeletal imagery.

The collaboration between Gnarly Head and the Grateful Dead was first announced back in June, according to Wine Industry Advisor. As for the reason why the collaboration began in the first place, Gnarly Head brand director Andrew Blok said in a statement that "Gnarly Head wines and the music of the Grateful Dead are both rooted in Northern California, and both are expressive, bold and true to their roots — so this partnership is a natural fit."

The Grateful Dead aren't the only ones in the music industry to produce their own wines. Post Malone launched his own wine brand back in May 2020, while Snoop Dogg brought the world his own red wine that very same year. If you prefer listening to jam bands over rappers, however, you'll be happy to know Gnarly Head's Grateful Dead wine will be available nationwide this month for a modest price of $12.