The GBBO Bromance TikTok Can't Get Enough Of

The "Great British Bake Off" has been making memorable moments since it began in 2010. Fans likely recall the scandal when one contestant snagged someone else's custard from the refrigerator, leading to a battle that saw the custard pilferer booted from the show. Of course, there's the popular host offering comic relief, Noel Fielding who refuses to ever eat any of the delightful creations the bakers put out.

Though there are people who love to tune in for the drama, GBBO is best known as a shiny, happy show where compassion is extended to the contestants and they are encouraged to support one another. Bustle even reported on contestant Laura Aldington taking to Twitter to point out that "GBBO is all about kindness."

Truly, in watching the show the most vicious person seems to be Paul Hollywood, and even he doesn't seem inclined to take a page from Simon Cowell's book of criticism and attack the bakers. GBBO has been praised by Cinema Blend as being one of the best reality shows out there, in part because it promotes thoughtfulness rather than cutthroat brutality.

Now, TikTokers are taking time out from thirsty dancing to celebrate a bromance taking place in the famous white tent.

Gareth Malone and Yung Filly make baking even more fun

Gareth Malone is a popular choirmaster, according to Hello! magazine. These days, MSN says he's less focused on singing than on devising some delectable desserts as part of a special celebrity baking program. The other thing he's been cooking up is a playful relationship with YouTuber Yung Filly.

Filly and Malone delighted people on social media when clips of them busting each other's chops started making the rounds. TikTok in particular took notice of how much affection the pair has for each other, and was thrilled when Filly tried to pass off a baking failure on Gareth while filming GBBO. "Look at Gareth," said Filly in one video. "You know he's been practicing in his house."

"I'm all done," Gareth said to Filly as they were baking, adding "I'm off to the pub." Filly was quick with a rejoinder, saying Gareth was "on flames." Viewers enjoyed this exchange, and even created a meme calling Gareth "unlucky."

Sadly, seeing these two outside of the UK might be difficult since they're part of a special Stand Up to Cancer show. "I wish we could see these specials in the US," was the lamentation of one person on TikTok. For now, those looking to enjoy more of Yung Filly and Gareth would be wise to focus on social media streams, though there are lots of ways to watch GBBO, so finding the right episodes shouldn't be too challenging.