Tim Hortons' New Breakfast Sandwich Features A Delicious Twist

Sometimes the fast-food breakfast sandwich game can feel like they're all the same. Sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. Sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. Sausage, egg, and cheese on a biscuit. Sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. Repeat. When these sandwiches are entirely composed of things you probably already have in your kitchen, it often feels like you might as well turn to a 5-Ingredient Copycat McDonald's Sausage McMuffin With Egg Recipe and save yourself the trip.

But Tim Hortons is giving breakfast lovers on the go something to get excited about. No, we're not talking about swapping out that drab English muffin for a slightly less drab bagel, or even getting fancy with an everything bagel instead. No, this month the chain will be offering a flavorful, crispy alternative to the humdrum English muffin breakfast sandwich that you might get excited about.

The Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich comes to Tim Hortons

This tasty new breakfast sandwich will be made with waffles. The Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich will be available at Tim Hortons between August 29th through September 25th (via QSR). The breakfast sandwich brings a delightful mix of savory and sweet in every bite with two crispy, maple waffles, a freshly cracked egg, gooey American cheese, and your choice of sausage or crisp bacon (per Chew Boom). According to Tim Hortons, its waffles get their sweet flavor from real maple syrup. It's important to note this succulent new sandwich may not be available at all locations.

The sweet and savory sandwich is also part of a sweet deal at the chain. Per QSR, Tim Hortons Rewards members can get a free breakfast sandwich with free delivery when ordered through the Tim Hortons app through September 25th. While that deal doesn't include Tim Hortons just released pizza or appear to include the brand's grilled breakfast wraps, it does include the brand new Maple Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. Tim Hortons serves breakfast all day in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.