The Real Reason Guy Fieri Won't Buy His Son A Car

Getting their first driver's license has been an important rite of passage for teens for as long as cars have been around, but it's also been a source of angst and anxiety for parents. And for parents of teenage boys, it can be even more stressful, considering the statistics for teenage boys show that they're not always as careful as they should be. According to the CDC, drivers aged 16-19 have three times the risk of motor vehicle accidents as almost any other age group, and male drivers in that segment are twice as likely to be in an accident as their same-aged female counterparts.

It's a risk that celebrity chef Guy Fieri knows all too well, and he's being especially cautious with his 16-year-old son Ryder. He recently sat down with People and noted that when Ryder recently got his first license, the only car he was allowed to drive was Fieri's parents' ancient Chrysler minivan, with 259,000 miles on it. If Ryder wants his dad to get him a better car, he has to prove to his father that he's a good driver. As Fieri told People, "I refuse to let him buy a car until he spends one year with no tickets, no accidents, driving the minivan."

Guy Fieri won't let Ryder buy one himself either — yet

Even if Ryder Fieri wanted to circumvent his dad's rules, the Mayor of Flavortown is having none of it. Guy Fieri insists that no matter what, his teenage son has to prove he's capable, and cautious, as a driver before he can get his own car. Fieri said he told Ryder, "Show me that you can spend a year driving the car, not getting any dents, not getting any wrecks, not getting any tickets. Prove that you've got it all together. Then you can take your own money out of the bank and go buy a car," (via People). Fieri notes that the rules are not only about making sure his sons are good drivers, but also because he wants them to become "self-sufficient."

On his show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Fieri is known for his famous car, a restored convertible red 1968 Camaro, though Insider notes that it gets shipped to every new location, and he doesn't even actually drive it on the show. So given how careful Fieri is with his prized car, you can be sure that Ryder won't be seen sitting behind the wheel of that beauty anytime soon. We're guessing the Lamborghini that was stolen (per Eater) is off-limits, too.