Why Queen Elizabeth's Death Just Changed Celebrity Masterchef

September 8 marked the end of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. According to the BBC, the U.K.'s longstanding monarch died peacefully in her Scottish residence earlier Thursday at age 96. Being on the throne since 1952, the queen not only provided stability to the masses, but she held the royal family together with grace and strength since her inception on the throne 70 years ago.

A death this serious sets off a number of changes within the UK government. Britain has instilled a plan called "Operation London Bridge" for the days following the queen's death (per Politico), while in the royal family, roles are already changing. Not only has Prince Charles stepped in to take over the monarchy as King Charles III, but his second wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, became the Queen Consort (via ABC News).

The queen's passing has also spurred changes all over the internet. The royal family's website is currently down to honor the late queen and celebrities around the world have been posting their sentiments via social media (per People). While Gordon Ramsay paid a tearjerking tribute to the queen on Twitter, Paul Hollywood paid his respects through a heartfelt post on Instagram. The queen's death is also affecting some of the UK's most popular shows. "Celebrity Masterchef" just postponed this evening's show based on the episode's proposed content.

Celebrity Masterchef episode dedicated to the queen postponed

Episode 14 of the Season 17 of "Celebrity Masterchef" was supposed to air tonight on BBC One, but the show has been postponed due to Queen Elizabeth II's passing. The episode had planned to include the celebrity chefs' hand-crafting a recipe to the culinary likings of Mary Berry, while also creating a dish in tribute to the late queen's recently celebrated Jubilee (per Metro).

TV broadcaster Scott Bryan posted on Twitter earlier Thursday stating BBC One will be featuring a past episode of "The Repair Shop" in lieu of the "Celebrity Masterchef" episode. Needless to say, some fans weren't happy about the change in the broadcasting schedule. One user retweeted the comment with the tagline "what a cult we all live in," while others responded directly to the comment with lines like, "this is ridiculous." Watching celebrity chefs build an episode around Queen Elizabeth II's practical food philosophy sounds enjoyable to avid watchers, but they'll have to wait, while many around the globe honor the UK's longest-standing monarch.