Jonathan DeLise

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Food, Travel, Language Study
  • Jonathan is a Freelance Writer with Mashed.
  • He has written — mostly about travel and food — for Explorer, FlyerTalk, Airways, Locale Magazine, and Japan Travel.
  • If you really want to embarrass him, remind him about his participation at a Kpop taste-testing event. Notably, the music was the worst part of that day.


Jonathan DeLise is originally from the NYC area, though he's also lived in various cities in East Asia and Mexico for a total of nearly four years. Since first starting to blog in January 2012, he has covered a wide range of food and travel topics at Moreover, language study is one of his hobbies, and a pivotal reason for this is to decipher menus. His dream title would be Fluent Eater.


Jonathan has eaten around the world countless times over. Culinary travel might as well have been his major, particularly while having studied abroad in Tokyo and Hong Kong.
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